How Does a Palm Nailer work
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How Does a Palm Nailer work?

Palm nailer is a tool that works alike like a nail gun. Its palm-held power, too that drives nails with precision. The device is best suited for driving frame nails, fencing, pole barn construction, joint hanger nail, decking, metal connector straps, or other nailing works. The tool is available in the pneumatic system, electric mode, or battery-operated mode. This article gives you more details on how a palm nailer works.

How to Use a Palm Nailer

Palm nailers drive nails in a better and speedy way than nail guns. They may require you to apply a bit of manual force but not the same as a hammer or old-style nail gun. To operate the device, you need to follow the following steps;

  • Read Out the Manual- it helps you get to know the ins and outs of the tool.
  • Power it- power your device whether you are using the battery-operated or cordless type. Switch and turn it on.
  • Choose the Right Posture – the way you stand while using the tool can affect its operation. You can use the device as you stand or sit but keep your face away from the nailer.  Ensure you don’t bend more as you will be required to apply some force. Ensure you hold the tool with enough grip, and the nailer’s nose faces out while diving the nails.
  • Proper Grip- use the types of tools with hand straps for perfect grip.
  • Nailing Process- first, adjust the nailer according to the nails you are working with, put the nails into the tool’s magazine by hand.  Put the nailers head over the magnetic tip to be firmly held; there should be a magnetic tip on it. Later place the tool where you want to drive it and press it down.
  • Hammering- use force to drive in the remaining head into the nailing surface.

Safety Measures

While using the tool, you should put on earplugs to protect your ears from loud noise just as you would when using a palm sander. Additionally, wear hand gloves to achieve a firm grip as the device vibrates during the operation. Also, add a compact helmet with side shields for extra safety. As a precautionary measure, ensure you remember to read the manual’s instructions before using the tool. It’s always wise to follow the safety measures given.

How Different is the Palm from other Nailers?

Typical nail guns are heavy and hurt your hand after extended use. Palm nailers are light in weight and therefore are better overall at preventing hand pain. The nailer is precise than a typical nail gun, and most types can drive any nail between 1.5 and 3.5 inches.  

The heavy-duty ones can work with 2- and 6-inches nails thus best suits complex projects. The device is also compatible with any pins you find in a hardware store, thus lowering the investment expenses of buying unique nail strips. The tool’s compact size makes it perfect for use in tight spaces, like corners, edges, and ceilings.

Pros of Palm Nailer

  • Unlike regular nail guns, palm nailer is light and compact to use.
  • Better accuracy than a typical nail gun
  • It can drive any size of nails.
  • Most palm nailers suit nails found in hardware stores.
  • A magnetic nail holder helps to keep it in place.
  • Faster than regular nail guns


  • Cordless versions are usually less powerful.
  • Require loading nails one by one manually.
  • A few brands require you to hammer at the end for complete driving.

Where Can I Use a Palm Nailer?

You can use a palm nailer for the following;

  • Installation of floor panels: You can use it when installing new floor panels.
  • Boring hole in wood: At work time, if you need to make holes in timber.
  • Hammer cannot work: Used where a hammer can’t reach, like in a small space, corners, or tight.
  • Using purpose: A palm nailer use also decking, fencing, and framing purposes.

Can You Use a Palm Nailer for Framing?

Palm nailers can pick up where a collated nailer leaves off. The palm nailers can do the framing and other functions. There is a unique brand of palm designed for framing known as compact Grip-Rite Mini Palm Nailer.

Can You Use a Palm Nailer for Roofing?

There is a special kind of nailer designed for roofing. MPN-R Roofing Mini Palm Nailer is a unique mini device that can do roofing. The tool aids in driving roofing nails in complex roofs that have difficulty reaching areas like under overhangs and eves. The tool will effortlessly drive nails under eves with less than six inches of space. The palm nailer can also drive nails in the vinyl siding as they require many roofing nails.

Check this guide we did on how to choose a nail gun to help you identify the perfect nailer for your use case.


A palm nailer is an excellent option for just any task.  It’s a tool that works with just any single nail, not just framing nail-gun feed nails. Its size allows you to reach areas that a framing nail or a manual hammer can’t reach. It’s a great choice of device to have in your workshop now that you have read how it works.