What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze Up
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What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze Up

Your air conditioner must work when it is hot. If it does not, it will make your home uncomfortable and may affect sales if it is on your business premises. Like any household machine you use, it can have mechanical problems.

A common issue with AC units is the unit freezing up. It is crucial to know why your unit keeps freezing up and what you can do to fix this problem.   

What does it mean when the air conditioner Keeps freezing up?

Frozen AC is usually caused by poor airflow in the unit. Poor airflow means the evaporator coils freeze up, resulting in warmer air in your home, and you may see ice outside your air conditioner. 

There are several causes of poor airflow, and if they are not fixed properly, the unit will keep freezing. In addition, extensive damage means you will need to replace some damaged parts to stop the unit from freezing. 

That is why fixing problems and providing regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that small issues do not become bigger ones that are expensive to fix. Examples of signs that your unit is freezing up include visible ice on the unit, warm air, and hissing sounds from the unit.

How do you unfreeze an air conditioner fast?

It can be very inconvenient if your air conditioner freezes up when you plan to have a party or on your business premises. In such circumstances, you need to unfreeze it quickly and make further repairs on a different day. Here are some ways you can unfreeze your air conditioner fast. 

Turn off the unit

If you notice that your split system air conditioner is icing up and blowing warm air, turn it off. However, ensure that you leave the fan on as that will melt the ice and ensure it starts working again. 

Change air filter

Dirty air filters can cause your window AC to freeze up. If your unit is freezing, check the air filter for dirt. If it is dirty, remove it and install a new one, which should solve the problem.

Warm water

People often ask whether you can pour hot water on a frozen AC unit. Yes, you can do that. However, you do not need to use hot water as warm water will help melt away all that ice. Pouring warm water over the ice will melt it away, and your unit will work normally after drying. 

How do I keep my air conditioner from freezing up?

An AC unit that keeps freezing up is ineffective in the home or your business premises. It will blow warm instead of cold air and make the room uncomfortable to work or relax. 

Identifying ways to prevent the freeze-up is an excellent choice for you and the people in your home. Use these tips on what to do to keep your conditioner from freezing up. 

Contact a professional

It is crucial to have an expert check your air conditioner. They will be able to identify problems in the system that could cause a freeze-up that you may not notice. Professionals will also provide high-quality maintenance, ensuring your unit does not freeze.

Change or clean your air filter.

When your air filter is dirty, it may affect airflow in your air conditioning unit. The dirt on the air filter affects airflow, which means your evaporator coils may start to freeze. 

Regularly changing your air filter will prevent this issue and ensure that your unit works correctly. First, when changing your filter, consider the number of people that live in your home and the activity. 

Secondly, consider how dusty your area is and how often you open windows and doors. If you have many people, a lot of activity, and open windows and doors often, you should change your filter more often. 

Check Blower Fan 

The blower fan generates an airflow that keeps the evaporator coils from freezing. If it does not generate good airflow, the evaporator coils will freeze. Make sure you check the blower fan’s age and the wear of its motor. During annual maintenance, ensure that your technician checks the fan’s rotation speed, power output, and rotational direction.

Inspect the condensate drain line

If your drain line is not working correctly, it may cause your evaporator coils to freeze up. Also, if there is a clog, the water from the drain pipe will end up in the window ac and cause ice to build up on the evaporator coils. You can clear clogs in the drain line using a wet or dry vacuum. 

Check the unit’s vents.

Blocked supply or return vents can cause your brand new ac unit to freeze up. If they are blocked, they may obstruct airflow and cause your unit to freeze. Ensure that no dirt and debris are building up in your vents to prevent this. 

What causes AC to freeze up in summer?

Summer is the season when most people use their AC the most. If your AC keeps freezing up during summer, here are the reasons why. 

Poor airflow

Poor airflow is a common cause of freezing up in air conditioning units. Dirty air filters obstruct the flow of air, and that causes the evaporator coils to freeze.

Dirty air filter

If your AC unit’s air filter is dirty, it will prevent air from flowing into your AC unit. Ice will form on your evaporator coils if new air is not getting into the unit. Clean or change it once every three months to prevent your AC unit from freezing. 

Reduced refrigerant levels

The AC unit can leak refrigerant or have low refrigerant levels resulting in ice buildup in your unit. Low refrigerant reduces pressure and the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit. Leaks usually cause low refrigerant levels, so it is crucial to have a professional inspect your system for any problems. 

Damaged fan

As mentioned earlier, poor airflow can cause your evaporator coils to freeze. If you notice that your window AC’s blower fan is slower, has stopped, or is showing other signs of damage, consider contacting an expert instead of fixing it yourself. 

Blocked drain line

Moisture in the air is removed from your unit through the drain line. If it is blocked, it overflows, and that water freezes when it lands on the evaporator coils, affecting your AC unit’s effectiveness. A wet or dry vacuum can unblock the drain line.

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Lower temperatures at night

If you notice that your AC freezes up at night, it may be due to lower night time temperatures in summer. You can turn it off during the night to prevent this problem. Air conditioner may also freeze when it rains due to lower temperatures. 

Will a frozen AC fix itself? 

A frozen AC, when turned off, will fix itself. If you leave the fan running, it blows warm air into the unit, which melts the ice. The ice melting does not mean that the problem will not recur. That is because melting the ice does not fix the problem that caused the ice to build up.

It is not advisable to leave the unit running when frozen as that can put a lot of stress on the compressor. Replacing a compressor is very expensive, and it is better to shut off the machine and allow the ice to melt. The ice may take between an hour and 24 hours to melt away.