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Allister Garage Door Opener & How-to Guide

Allister company has led in manufacturing garage door openers and radio controls for homes and gate industries. Their products are long-lasting when you maintain them well, and they have great professional technicians for any repairs. However, if having any problems with your door opener, first diagnose it and try some DIY tips as explained below.

Why is My Allister Garage Door Opener not Working

When working on your garage door opener, always unplug it from the main outlet or switch off the circuit breaker. Carry out the following tests to diagnose the cause of the issue.

  • The problem may be with the remote. If the door fails to respond when using the remote, try another one to check whether the issue is with the first remote.  If this fails, use the wall switch push button and see if it responds.
  • If the wall switch fails, you may have a faulty receiver or interference from other radio signals.
  • To note, if there is interference while using the remote close to the opener, it activates, but when you move further away, it fails to start.
  • Ensure you connect the power cord to a working power outlet. Confirm if the outlet is working by using another functional appliance.
  •  The motor start capacitor may be faulty- be keen to note any burnt electrical odor and replace it with a new one.
  • There may be obstacles in the doorway. Check the track and clear any obstructions or dirt on it.
  • Broken torsion springs- if you hear some sounds like fireworks, the issue may be broken torsion spring.
  • Have a locked door- if you hear the garage door opener work, but there is no movement, check the manual lock.

How to Program an Allister Garage Door Opener

To program your wireless keypad, you need to set two specific security codes: the transmitter and personal identification numbers (PIN).  Then you should program the transmitter code and the PIN.

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Programming Transmitter Code

If your garage door operator has a single button transmitter, use the following procedure;

  • Find the transmitter and open the coding hatch. You will see a coding switch block with numbers 1 -9.
  • Copy the transmitter code as set on the manual and translate it to numbers.  For instance, += 1, 0=2, -=3.
  • Program the keypad now.
  • Press the ON/RESET button
  • Enter the factory default pin, 1,2,3,4
  • Press key #
  • Press key #

Programming Your PIN

  • Set your pins where the 1st PIN will be the primary PIN.
  • Press the ON/RESET button and enter all the characters in sequence. First, start with the factory default pin, hashtag, 3, your new pin of 4 figures, repeat your new pin, #.
  • Check your new setting by entering the new PIN CODE that you set above.

How to Adjust an Allister Garage Door Opener

Adjusting your garage door opener helps protect you and your family from being hurt as the door moves. If your door requires too much force to reverse or fails to reverse at all then, you should adjust the opener controls.  If you notice this issue in your door opener’s auto-reverse, use these steps to adjust it.

Tools Needed

  • Steep ladder
  • Screwdriver
  • Locate the openers controls

Use a step ladder to reach the main part of the opener’s motor.

  • Adjust the opener settings

Using the screwdriver, turn the knob counterclockwise one-quarter to decrease the amount of force needed to reverse the door. Again, to increase the amount of energy, turn the knob clockwise.

  • Re-test the auto-reverse function and, if necessary, repeat the steps above until the opener gets fully adjusted.
  • If the garage door fails to reverse correctly, ask the service provider for repair immediately.

Where is the Learn Button on an Allister Garage Door Opener

You can find the “Learn” button on your garage door opener above the receiver cable that dangles from the engine head; it may also be beneath a light cover. The “Learn” control has either green, red/orange, purple, or yellow colors.

What Does a Blinking Garage Door Opener Mean?

  • Circuits board blinks once- sensor wires disconnected
  • Circuits board blinks twice-sensor wires may be short
  • Circuit board blinks a third time- sensors misaligned
  • Arrows flash up and down – sensor wires disconnected
  • The indicator blinks up once and down twice- sensor wire shorted
  • Arrow blinks up once and down four times-  sensors need an alignment, or there is something in the field of view.
  • Arrow blinks up four times and down six times- sensor eyes misaligned

How to Diagnose a Garage Door Opener

  • Always start by carrying out a basic inspection on your garage door opener. Check the major hardware parts to examine whether the garage door or opener causes the issue.
  • Check on the primary working parts of the garage door opener. Examine these parts if they are in good condition, like locks, springs, chains, belts, etc.
  • If you find issues on the parts, like the abnormally extended or broken chain, frayed belt, call a professional for an inspection.
  • If it’s something you can handle, go ahead and troubleshoot and see if the issue gets fixed.

Door Stops Before Reaching Fully Open or Closed Position

  • Broken or shorted pushbutton, wiring issues.
  • Limits are off- you need to adjust the limit by turning a knob in the motor
  • Photo eyes are faulty – fix the issues by aligning the sensors and clearing the sensors’ path.
  • Rollers may be damaged– fix the issue by replacing, lubricating or calling a technician to repair.

Garage Door Opener Remote Doesn’t Work  

There are times you can press the remote, but the garage door doesn’t move. Here are some of the causes and how to fix them;

  • The door may be locked- press the lock button on your wall switch and try using the remote.
  • Batteries are dead- replace the batteries in your remote and try using the remote.
  • Remote is out of range- ensure you stand close to the motor as you use the remote.
  • Photo eyes are faulty – check the connection path, ensure there is alignment and wipe the lenses.

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Garage Door Keypad Doesn’t Work

If your keypad fails, it may be the following issues;

  • Having a locked door – push the switch button to unlock it and then put in the number on your keypad.
  • Batteries may be dead- replace your batteries and see if it fixes the issue.
  • The keypad is out of range- you may have installed the keypad far away from the door, and you should operate it from a closer distance.
  • Photo eyes are faulty- make sure nothing is blocking the connection between the sensors, they are aligned, and lenses are clean.
  • Keypad needs reprogramming – press the ”learn” button on the motor and then key in your desired code on the keypad.