Are Side Hinged Garage Doors Secure
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Are Side Hinged Garage Doors Secure?

Most people are used to sliding garage doors that open into the roof. These are common as they can be automated and save on space. Moreover, people have got used to the safety they offer and often use them as the yardstick when viewing other dors.

Side hinged doors are an alternative that’s been in the market for ages. Since the hinged door doesn’t have to wind up, manufacturers have more material and design options.

The side hinged garage door could be made of virtually any material that comes to mind and built as think as you want.

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Yes. High-quality side hinged garage doors are secure. They are flexible, and you will get different levels of security depending on how much you are willing to pay

Of course, the size and weight of the door determine how big and strong the side hinges can get. However, if the budget is not limited, you can order a side hinged garage door as strong as a vault door. After all, vault doors are side hinged.

They Range from Very Flimsy to Very Secure

With so many flexibilities, manufacturers can field anything from the weakest and least secure doors to the most vigorous and most robust doors that not even a car can drive through.

All that matters is your budget.

As such, side hinged garage doors can be very secure if you go for a great design and have a professional install it.

Moreover, you should ensure that the wall you are installing the door into is strong enough to support the door’s weight and has strong anchor points for the hinges.

The attachment points will always be a possible weak point – especially if a very strong side hinged door.

Get a Door With Multiple Hinges and Locking Mechanisms

Unline roller garage doors or up and over doors that get some impact reinforcement from the grooves they slide through. Hinged doors have to rely on their hinges and locking mechanism to resist direct impact.

Few or flimsy hinges and locks will give way under the slightest direct pressure. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have multiple strong locks and hinges.

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As for the locks, go for a door that shoots multiple bolts into the frame with the turn of a key. This way, you will have the strength of multiple locks without the need to waste time opening and closing individual locks.