Do Decorative Garage Door Magnets Work on All Garage Doors
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Do Decorative Garage Door Magnets Work on All Garage Doors?

Magnets on garage doors have become the in-thing for homeowners.  Whether one has traditional or carriage-type doors, they can use magnets. The magnetic hardware is appealing when correctly installed on your door.

But before buying and installing the decorative magnets, it’s best to find out the composition of your garage door. There are some doors types where the magnets can work, while in others, they won’t.

Garage door magnets only work on ferrous (iron) garage doors or any garage door with enough ferrous parts. It could be iron, stainless steel or steel sheets, hinges, studs or bolts. If they’re magnetic the decorations will attach.

 For instance, installing a magnet on a wooden, fiberglass, or aluminum door that is non-magnetic is futile since magnets don’t adhere to non-magnetic surfaces.

The hardware is mostly for aesthetic purposes on the door. The bond created may not be strong to use as handles while lifting the door.  So, while installing, choose the magnet with the most appealing design to serve as decoration.

A magnet on steel doors works better than in non-magnetic doors. The ferromagnetic feature in iron makes the magnet adhere. So, if you need your magnet to work, the secret is having a garage door with an iron composition. It doesn’t have to be full iron. Iron nails, bolts. studs or hinges will be enough.

A decorative magnet also works if you place it correctly. Therefore, for a magnet to function, you should heed the following tips;

  • Keep the magnet at least 1-inch clearance from the door frame or seams.
  • Fix the magnet on the face of the garage door for easy visibility.
  • Keep your door closed as you install.

There are no implements required to install the magnet on your garage door.  All you need is to observe these steps as you install the magnet;

  • Plan on the best location for the decorative magnetic hardware.
  • Mark the location you will place the magnet.
  • Stick the hardware on the door.
  • Adjust the position of the hardware if needed.

For an extra appeal to your garage door, try to add magnetic hardware. Before installing,  ensure you identify the composition of your garage door. Some door materials like wood, aluminum don’t bond with magnets.  The best materials that attract a magnet are steel or iron garage doors.