Bostitch Nail Gun Troubleshooting & How to Guide
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Bostitch Nail Gun Troubleshooting & How to Guide

Bostitch nail gun is a convenient tool that reduces the manual effort you require to perform tasks like framing a home. The nail gun drives nails or other small fasteners deep into the wood without destroying the woods’ structure. Today’s nail guns do specific tasks and have two power options and two delivery systems. To efficiently use your tool, we provide you with a troubleshooting guide and ways to fix the issues.

How to Use Bostitch Nail Gun for the First Time

When operating your tool, you should be very careful and always follow the user’s manual precautions.  For instance, always ensure you wear protective gear, especially for your eyes, to protect against flying particles that might cause injury to your eyes.

Other Protective Measures

  • Avoid placing your hand or body parts in the nail discharge area while the tool is connected to the air supply.
  • Never point a tool on someone.
  • Don’t pull the trigger unless when driving in nails or other fasteners into the wood.
  • Don’t pull the trigger or depress the trip mechanism while loading the tool.

How to Load the Nail Gun

  • Depress magazine release button.
  • Pull back magazine.
  • Open magazine fully
  • Insert fasteners or the right size nails; points must be against the bottom of the magazine.
  • Push magazine forward until the latch is engaged.

Testing the Bostitch Nail Gun

Before performing any tool check, remove all fasteners from the gun.

  • With your finger away from the trigger, hold the tool with a firm grip on the handle.
  • Place the nose of the nailer against the work surface.
  • Pull the trigger to drive. Release the trigger, and the cycle is complete.

Bostitch Nail Gun Trigger not Working

Your Bostitch nail gun may fail to work due to the following;

  • The air supply is inadequate- examine and repair/tweak air compressor settings.
  • The tool is dry, lacks lubrication- Apply appropriate tool lubricant to all vital parts.
  • Worn head valve O-rings- replace the O-rings.
  • The cylinder cap spring is broken- Replace the component.
  • Head valve is stuck in cap- Dismantle/Inspect/ oil the valve
  • The last throw of the dice- disassemble and re-assemble it the correct way.

Bostitch Nail Gun Shooting Blanks

  • A nail gun may shoot blanks if it’s not cleaned correctly. Ensure you clean the nailer properly on the air passage zone, pipe, and air compressor fittings to fix the issue.
  • If the first step fails, check the O-ring whether it’s broken or damaged. The O-ring creates a seal between the cylinder and piston, and if broken, the nail won’t shoot. Replace the O-ring with the help of a technician.
  • Check the spring if it’s damaged, which pushes the pin. If it is, take the gun to the repair shop for spring replacement.  

Common Bostitch Roofing Nailer Problems and their Fixes

  1. Roofing nailer may lack sufficient power or become sluggish – try to raise the air pressure to fix this or lubricate or replace the O-rings. Other issues that may cause the nailer to be slow;
  2. The tool is too dry – oil it with the best lubricant
  3. Exhaust blocked- check the bumper, head valve spring, and muffler.
  4. Trigger assembly has leakage- change the trigger assembly
  5. Air pressure sluggish- check the air compressor
  6. Head valve dry- dismantle and grease it
  7. When there is no movement when you press the trigger with the tool active and plugged in, take off the cap on the tool’s head, use a wooden instrument and push the driver to the bottom. If this fails, you may have a stuck nail, broken driver, or broken trigger valve.
  8. For stuck nail- clear out the jam by pushing the driver back up.
  9. A broken driver and trigger valve requires replacement.

Bostitch Nail Gun Blows Air

Blowing air is a common problem with the nail gun that you can fix. First, check the air hose and the connection between the air compressor and nail gun. If you notice any leakage here, replace the component where the air leaks.

The issue may also arise from the loose screw, damaged cylinder cap, or O-ring. Change the damaged component as soon as possible. The trigger valve may also be damaged, change and replace the air valve.

Nail Gun not Shooting Nails all the Way

The nails may fail to go deep enough if there is a loss of air pressure due to leaking air in the nail gun. You should check where there is air leakage in the nail gun and fix it. In some brands, you may need to remove the magazine and repair it. The amount of air pressure affects the depth that the nail reaches; try the following adjustments to fix the issue;

  • Connect your nailer and set the pressure gauge at 80-90 psi.
  • Fix the air hose to the nozzle on the side of the compressor
  • Add three drops of oil to the air connector on the end of the gun for lubrication. Place the holder of nails into the nail gun’s magazine and connect the hose to the air connector.
  • Press the trigger and check if the nail sinks into the wood. If it doesn’t, turn the rotary knob on the nailer’s side of the head clockwise to one complete turn and test the gun again. Keep rotating the knob and testing until the nailer sinks the nail properly.
  • If turning the knob fails to sink the nails, increase the air pressure gauge in increments of 5 psi to solve the problem.

How to Adjust a Bostitch Nail Gun

Before trying this process, ensure you disconnect the tool air supply.

  • Push in on the locking button.
  • Adjust contact arm up to increase the depth of drive or down to decrease it.
  • Release locking button

How to Fix a Jammed Bostitch Nail Gun

  • Untwist tow bolts at the front side of the tool, or lift the nose latch, letting out the front nose plate.
  • Unlock  the nose.
  • Unblock the jam and push the driver blade back to its rest position.
  • Close the front nose and refix it.
  • Ensure the work contact element is free.
  • Reinsert the battery and the fuel cell.

Why Won’t my Bostitch Staple Gun Work

Possible causes of a staple gun failing to work include;

  • A nail jam is stopping the nails from moving forward.
  • The air compressor isn’t providing enough air pressure
  • You haven’t properly oiled the nail gun
  • The gas fuel cell is empty, out-of-date or not appropriately attached.
  • The nailer is dirty – primarily if it has been used a lot without regular cleaning!