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E-Z-Go Golf Cart Troubleshooting Guide

Golf carts are a golfing essential, and if you are an avid Golfer or own a golfing club, you need to provide regular maintenance for the equipment. A malfunctioning golfing cart can ruin your game and may adversely affect your business. Bear in mind that excellent care and maintenance for your E-Z-Go golf cart will ensure that it works perfectly and serves you for a long time. It will also ensure that you do not spend large sums of money making repairs to the golf carts or replacing them.

Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. makes E-Z-Go Golf carts. These are the most popular golf carts worldwide. The company was established by Royal Little 98 years ago and has many other products. It employs more than 35,000 people and is involved in several industries. The E-Z-Go golf cart is one of their premier products and is in use in several golf courses. If you are planning to purchase a fleet for your company, you need to know how they work and make necessary repairs. Here is a comprehensive guide on maintenance and troubleshooting E-Z-Go carts.

Do E-Z-Go Golf Carts have titles?

E-Z-Go Golf Carts, unlike vehicles, do not have a title, but they do have serial numbers. If you are buying a golf cart, it is essential to check the serial number to ensure you do not buy a stolen one. Each E-Z-Go Golf cart has a unique serial number that you can use to identify your golf cart.

Where is the E-Z-Go Cart Serial Number

As mentioned above, all E-Z-Go Golf carts have unique serial numbers. These numbers are essential when buying replacement parts for your golf cart. Textron Specialized Vehicles has been building golf carts for a long time, and the serial numbers are placed on different parts of the golf carts. Here is a list of E-Z-Go carts and the possible areas you can find the serial numbers.

E-Z-Go RXV Golf Cart

The company first made RXV golf carts in 2008. You can find their serial in the following spots.

  • The base of the cart steering column
  • On the driver’s side below the front splash shield
  • On the passenger frame rail at the back of the cart.

E-Z-Go TXT Golf Cart

These carts were first made in 1996. The serial numbers are in the following spots.

  • Under the charger receptacle
  • Glove compartment on the passenger side
  • On cross member under the access panel

E-Z-Go Marathon Golf Carts

The company made these between 1975 and 1993. You can find the serial number in the following places.

  • Glove box on the passenger side
  • Under the driver’s seat on the Fender skirt.

E-Z-Go Workhorse / E-Z-Go ST Golf Cart / E-Z-Go MPT Golf Cart  

The company started making these carts in 1996. The serial numbers can be on the following parts.

  • Under the charger receptacle
  • On the glove box on the passenger side
  • On the cross members under the access panel

How do I push my E-Z-Go Golf Cart?

It can be frustrating when your battery is flat and your golf cart will not roll. To push it to the nearest charging or gas station, you need to release the motor brake. Follow these easy steps to do that.

  • Make sure the cart key is in the off position
  • Lift your E-Z-Go cart’s front seat.
  • You will see the tow/run switch; turn it to tow instead of run.
  • Look for wires labeled 1, 2, 3, 4 and ensure that wire 1 connects to wire2 and where wire3 connects to wire 4.
  • Disconnect and reconnect them such that wire1 connects to wire3 and wire2 connects to wire 4.
  • That will ensure that your golf cart will roll, and you can push it to the nearest charging port.

If you have an electric golf cart, make sure that it is in freewheel mode. With a gas golf cart, ensure that it is neutral before you start pushing.

Why does my E-Z-Go golf cart not move

There are several reasons why your cart refuses to move, but you should check the battery before anything else. If the battery is charged, here are some other reasons why your golf cart will not move.

  • The battery may be having problems producing enough power when you press the pedal.
  • There could be a fault in the high current circuit. You can use a schematic to ensure everything is correctly connected. The voltage between M- and B- terminals on the E-Z-Go cart control should show 0 or higher.
  • The contacts on your solenoid could be failing.
  • The wires that connect the controller to the ITS coil could be damaged. If this is the case, you will need to replace them.

The problem could be in the pedal box, and you can check that by following these easy steps.

  • Raise your E-Z-Go cart on jacks and turn the ignition on.
  • Move the F/R switch to the forward position.
  • Press the gas and note when and at what stage the green lights come on.
  • Make sure the wheels turn and move fast.

In case the problem is the F/R switch you, can remove it and replace it. It is also possible to swap out the F/R switch, for an SD Reversing Contactor. Bear in mind that the board could have melted, and you may need to fix that instead of replacing the switch. Make sure that you check the contacts before replacing the F/R switch as high temperatures can melt the board.

Here are tips to fix some popular E-Z-Go cart models if they will not move.

Fixing an E-Z-Go TXT that clicks but will not run

It is always advisable to check the controller, the solenoid, cable connection, and the battery when your golf cart will not move. Follow these steps to repair your E-Z-Go TXT cart if it clicks but will not move.

  • Using a jack lift your cart
  • Ensure that the wires that connect the controller to the ITS coil are in place. These wires are black and white.
  • Make sure that the battery is providing the power that the cart needs to move. You can measure battery voltage at varying points. Bear in mind that a 6V 225AH battery, when fully charged, should give your cart 100A current for at least an hour. It should show 6.37 when you start, which usually drops to 5.25 V after using it for an hour.
  •  If you do not get these readings, make sure that you replace the battery, and it should fix your problem.

Fixing an E-Z-GO RXV cart that will not move

If you have this particular model and it will not move, check the red wire that runs between the accelerator and the solenoid. There may be a lack of continuity and repairing that will ensure that your cart works perfectly.

Some experts suggest removing the connector and using crimp-on butt slices or solder joints.

Fixing the 1996 E-Z-Go RXV that will not move

The most probable reason for this is that the batteries are not working correctly. It is essential, as mentioned above, to check the batteries before you do anything else. Here is the correct procedure for checking your E-Z-Go golf cart battery.

  • Buy and use a high-quality Digital Voltmeter (DVM)
  • Tape your DVM to the battery pack mains
  • With the cart idle, check the voltage on your batteries.  
  • Take the time to observe the voltage fall as you try to make the cart starts moving. If the fall is more than 1 V, test each battery individually. Remember, even if only one of the batteries has low voltage, you have a problem.
  • If your batteries have the same reading of 6.37, you can be sure they are working correctly. Make sure that when you buy batteries, you charge them before installing them. To ensure that you do not have problems, make sure that you charge your batteries every 12-18hours. If you recharge them daily, ensure that they get to 100%.  

Fixing the 1997 E-Z-Go RXV that will not move

This Golf cart is very temperamental, and even things like over-tightening a stud can make it stop moving. Check the F/R switch stud for overtightening. If it is over-tightened, the contact will not connect with the switch. Adjust this, and your golf cart will start working.

Are all E-Z-Go Golf carts electric?

No, there are both electric and gas-powered E-Z-Go Golf carts available. Bear in mind that there are several models you can drive on the street, but those are all-electric. These electric models run on batteries that you have to charge at least every 24 hours, depending on how much you use them. Gas-powered E-Z-Go golf Carts use combustion engines and can be either four-stroke or two-stroke. You use the same gas for your golf cart that you could use in a truck or car.

How to tell the Assembly year of my E-Z-Go golf cart

The placement of serial numbers is discussed above, and you will find the manufacturer’s number right next to it. The manufacturer’s number consists of one letter and 3 or 4 numbers. The last two numbers indicate the last two digits of the year of assembly. For example, if your manufacturer’s number is T314, your E-Z-Go cart was manufactured in 2014.  

How to service E-Z-Go Golf Cart

Like all vehicles, E-Z-Go golf carts require regular maintenance to enhance longevity and performance. You should ensure that your golf cart is serviced after every six months of use. That will ensure that you spot problems and repair them early, which will help reduce repair costs. Here are essential guidelines for E-Z-Go golf cart maintenance.

Battery maintenance

The battery is expensive to replace but can serve you for up to 5 years. It is, therefore, essential to engage in appropriate battery maintenance. That said, make sure that you put on protective gear when working on your battery. You should also take off all jewelry, including your watch when working on your battery. Here are the steps you should follow for battery maintenance.

  • Check that the water level in your battery cells is at the right level after charging your battery. The water should cover the plates to be at the correct level.
  • Refill your battery using distilled water and ensure that you do not overfill. If you overfill your golf cart battery, the battery acid will spill out and corrode the cables and metal frames around it.
  • Check that battery connectors are securely in place and not corroded. If they are loose, tighten them or contact a professional to help you. Wipe down corroded links to ensure that they do not interfere with the performance of your golf cart. If your connections are extensively corroded and firm, you will need to replace them to ensure that your cart works correctly.  
  • Make sure that the top of your battery is free of grass, debris, and dust. These can block your connection and affect the performance of your golf cart.

Engine Maintenance

If you own a gas-powered E-Z-Go golf cart, you need to provide regular engine maintenance. Here are some of the things you should do when maintaining your gas golf cart.

  • Check your oil at least once every month. It is advisable to change it once your golf cart has clocked 600miles or once every 12 months, depending on which happens first. If you just bought your golf cart or have replaced your engine, change your oil after using it for 8 hours.  
  • Check the spark plug and air filter and change them every 12 months.
  • Have a golf cart technician check your clutch as malfunction may adversely affect the performance of your E-Z-Go golf cart.
  • Check the exhaust pipes and the muffler, especially if you have strange smells and noises coming from your engine.
  • Ensure that there are no dust particles or debris on your engine.

Tire maintenance

Tires are an essential part of your golf cart and should receive regular maintenance. Maintenance ensures that your tires last longer and your E-Z-Go golf cart is safe to drive. Poorly maintained tires put you and other people at risk.

  • Ensure that your tires are at the manufacturer-recommended pressure, which is usually 22psi. Depending on how often you use your golf cart, check the tire pressure at least once every month. Make sure that you do not run your ties below the recommended pressure. That will wear them out too quickly.
  • Check your tires for correct alignment and rotation once every 12 months. If you hit a hole or a curb, check your tire alignment before using it again.
  • Check for cracks on your tire walls regularly and ensure you replace them if you notice cracks. Cracks are a sign that your tires are at the end of their lifespan. Using worn-out tires puts you and other people in danger.
  • It is also crucial to keep your tires properly rotated and aligned. You should have your tires checked for proper rotation and correct alignment at least once every year. On the other hand, if you have recently hit a curb or hole, you may want to have your tire alignment checked at once.
  • If you notice cracks on your tire walls, it is a sign that your tires are nearing the end of their lifespan. Ensure that you have them replaced as soon as possible.

Brake Maintenance

Brakes are essential for your safety and should get regular maintenance and care.

You should check your brakes every six months to ensure they are working correctly.

  • Clean and adjust the pedal, cables, pads, and drums.
  • Check things like noises and low pedals, which are signs of brake problems.

How to remove Drum brakes on your E-Z-Go golf cart

Drum brakes can get stuck due to rust and corrosion. To remove your E-Z-Go golf cart drum brakes, follow these steps.

  • Spray the drum brakes with a cleaner, making sure it does not penetrate the inside of the hub.
  • Remove the castle nut and the cotter pin.
  • Using an adjuster, back the brake lining off. Tap on the drum, away from its perimeter; the brake drum should come off.
  • Remember that when you use this procedure to remove drum brakes, the hub will come off too as they are fastened together.

How do I reset my E-Z-Go golf cart?

To reset an E-Z-Go golf cart, you need to press the reset button. The reset button is located near the battery supply where electrical wires enter the motor and is red. To reset your E-Z-Go cart, press the red button. Ensure that you recharge the cart before switching it on again.

How do you test an E-Z-Go Golf Cart Controller?

Depending on the E-Z-Go Golf cart you own, there are two types of controllers, the Drive control systems and the Precision Drive System. Only E-Z-Go carts made before 1994 have a Drive Control System. If you notice that your E-Z-Go golf cart is not running at a constant speed, you should troubleshoot the controller to identify the problem. Here are the steps you should use to test your E-Z-Go golf cart controller.

  • Turn the maintenance switch under the switch to Tow-maintenance mode.
  • Disconnect the black (negative) battery cable, uncover the speed controller then reconnect the negative cable. Take the battery voltage and write it down.
  • To check the controller power output, connect the positive probe to the B+ terminal and the M+ terminal to the negative one.
  • Press the accelerator and check whether the voltage increases. If the controller is working correctly, the reading should increase from 0 to the full battery voltage. If there is no voltage on the controller, it is not working, and you need to replace it.

Why won’t my electric E-Z-Go golf cart charge

Your E-Z-Go golf cart not charging could be due to problems in the charger or the battery. That problem could be due to a faulty charger, no battery voltage, or no hydrogen in the batteries.

If your charger is making loud clicking noises, your golf cart may not charge. Your charger may also need replacement if it does not stop charging when the battery is full or does not charge the battery fully. Ensure you replace your charger to continue using your golf cart.  

Here are tips on how to fix electric E-Z-Go golf cart models that will not charge.

Fixing E-Z-Go TXT golf cart that will not charge

A TXT golf cart may not charge because of loose or broken wires, a dirty charging port, a blown fuse, or problems with the auxiliary contact.

  • Carefully clean the charging port of all dirt and dust as these can sometimes interfere with charging.
  • Inspect the charger for a loose or broken wire, and make sure you check the battery cables too. If the charger wires or battery cables are broken, you will need to replace them. Make sure that you tighten loose battery cables and check for corrosion.
  • Inspect the fuse and check for damage. If it is defective, make sure that you replace it.
  • There is a safety interlock wire that is grey and has a black sensor connected to the battery. Make sure that there is no rust on it, as that could interfere with charging. If it is corroded, cleaning it will fix the charging problem.
  • Remove the plug and check whether there is something inside the shroud that prevents it from connecting correctly. If objects are stuck in there, it will interfere with the charging process.

Fixing E-Z-Go TXT 48 cart that won’t charge

A TXT 48 may not charge because the charger is defective or that the reed switch is not working.

  • If your charger is defective, replace it with a DPI charger.
  • Triangle-shaped plugs do not have a reed switch, so if it fails, apply 48 volts to the wire at the receptacle to bypass the charger interlock.

E-Z-Go Golf Cart solenoid troubleshooting

Your E-Z-Go golf cart solenoid has four terminals, two large ones and two small ones. Your battery is connected to the small ones, and the major cause of solenoid issues is when the larger terminals stop working. Here is how you can check for solenoid problems.

  • Disconnect any cables from your two big terminals and wrap the ends with tape. Make sure that you have turned your golf cart off.
  • Using your voltmeter check the voltage in ohms. The reading should be zero.
  • Turn the switch on your cart to the forward position and then slowly accelerate. You should hear your solenoid making a clicking sound. Using your voltmeter check the voltage in ohms. It should be between 0 and 0.4, and if it is not, you need to replace it.
  • When buying a solenoid, make sure that it is compatible with your golf cart voltage. If you are not sure, check your old one as the voltage will be on the side.

Why does my E-Z-Go Golf Cart feel sluggish when accelerating?

The reason why your golf cart is sluggish during acceleration or stalls depends on whether it is a gas cart or an electric one. Here are the reasons for sluggishness in both.


  • If your cart has a dirty carburetor, it may be sluggish during acceleration. You can prevent these issues by regularly cleaning the carburetor.
  • Inspect the rubber boot for dirt and clean it if you see any. In case it is worn out, you may need to replace your E-Z-Go cart carburetor.
  • If your carburetor is clean and working accurately, check the throttle cable. Ensure that it is in the correct position. If it is not, it is likely to cause problems during acceleration.


  • An ignition problem can cause your electric golf cart to stall when you accelerate.
  • If your direction switch is not working, you may have problems accelerating and moving forward.
  • You may have problems accelerating if your batteries are not working correctly, are damaged, or too old. If you notice that the cart starts and stalls after a few feet, you have a problem with your battery. Make sure you replace it along with the charger.
  • A defective speed controller or resistor will also affect your cart during acceleration. If your controller is faulty, make sure you replace it. If the problem is the resistor, you will need to upgrade it.
  • A damaged solenoid will also affect the acceleration of your vehicle.

Why is my E-Z-Go golf cart losing power?

E-Z-Go golf carts often lose power because of corrosion or loose cables. If the connecting wires in electrical circuits break, your battery will lose power. The same will happen if you have a short circuit in the ignition system. Here are steps you can use to ensure that the system is working correctly.

  • Begin by checking the terminals that connect the battery. If they are rusted or corroded, then your cart will keep losing power. You can solve that problem by cleaning off the corrosion, and your golf cart will work.
  • When the terminals that connect the battery come loose, your cart will lose power. Check and tighten them to ensure that your cart works correctly.
  • Inspect your electrical connections for worn-out lines; replacing them will solve the problem. Ensure you check the entire electrical circuit for broken wires and ascertain that you replace all the damaged ones.  
  • Make sure that you do not have an electrical short circuit in your cart. These can happen at any time, and regularly checking the wires will protect you from unpleasant surprises.

Why is my electric E-Z-Go golf cart motor noisy

A noisy motor could be due to bearing damage, raised commutator bars, or loose motor mounts. If you have damaged bearings, you can easily replace them. You can choose to repair the commutator bars and tighten the motor mounts.

Why is my reverse speed the same as my forward speed?

The reverse speed should be slower than your forward speed. If you notice that it is the same as your forward speed, you may have an ESC system malfunction. Make sure that you check the ESC system components and replace them.  

E-Z-Go golf cart won’t start even though the starter is rotating

If your golf cart does not start even though the starter is rotating, there could be a problem with your battery, solenoid, or starter. Check the ignition and make sure you make the necessary repairs and replacements.  

Why is my E-Z-Go Golf Cart overheating

Your E-Z-Go golf cart may overheat if you drive it uphill without stopping or drive it for 3 miles slowly. In case there is dragging in your brakes, the engine may heat up. It will also overheat if you use tires that have a radius of more than 18 inches. Mixing the oil in your engine incorrectly as well as dirty old oil can cause overheating. A sign that your engine is overheating is that the bonnet and the engine are too hot to touch. You can prevent your golf cart engine from overheating by following these easy steps.

  • Stop every five minutes when driving your golf cart uphill to give the engine some rest.
  • Check the tire diameter when buying new tires.
  • Bear in mind that DCS or PDS E-Z-Go golf cart models have fewer overheating issues.
  • Consider buying an after-market controller and use it with the turbo turned on.
  • Ensure that your motor, batteries, and controller are not exposed to very high-pressure levels.
  • Use high-quality wires for your electrical system.
  • Connecting terminals incorrectly can cause your engine to overheat, ensure you are very careful or consult a golf cart engine expert.

Why is my E-Z-Go gas golf cart hard to start

Your gas golf cart may not start if you have an issue with the electrical system, airflow, or fuel. Use the following steps to troubleshoot and find the cause of the problem.

  • Confirm that you did not leave your golf cart lights on. If they are on, your battery charge is low, and you need to replace or recharge it before using the cart.
  • Ensure that your transmission selector is in the park position. Some E-Z-Go gas golf carts may not start if the transmission selector is not in the park position.
  • Put on your acid-resistant gloves and twist the battery connections by the terminals, and start the cart. If the golf cart comes close to starting or starts, you need to wipe down the batteries and attach the connections again. In case your cable connections are corroded and firm, replace the cables. It will ensure that you do not have the same problem again.
  • Visually check the ignition wire, which goes from your golf cart key to the solenoid for connection and corrosion. During heavy golf cart use, the wire can become dislodged from the solenoid. If that is the problem in your cart, reconnect it, and your golf cart should start running again. If there is rust, wear your work gloves and wipe the battery and start your cart. If your E-Z-Go cart stalls, you will need to replace the solenoid.
  • Inspect the air filter for dirt and ensure that it is not clogged. If your filter is clogged, it can lead to your engine not getting enough air and stalling. You can try starting the engine without the air cleaner. If it starts, replace the filter immediately. Avoid using your golf cart without the air cleaner as dirt and debris can damage your engine, and that will cost more money to repair.

Why is the exhaust on my E-Z-Go Golf Cart dirty

E-Z-Go golf carts should run without producing smoke. If your cart blows out smoke, it may be a sign that you have overfilled the oil. When you overfill the oil, it comes into the valve cover faster than it drains. That oil goes into the vent tube and back into the carburetor and blows oil into its intake. Make sure that you always fill the engine with the correct amount of oil. Remember, if oil gets into the muffler, it will blow out smoke.

Golf Cart Blowing out White smoke.

Excessive amounts of white smoke are a sign that you have a problem with your cooling system. It could also be a sign that you have water in your cart system, so make sure you take the time to clean the carburetor.

An excellent way to prevent this problem is to ensure that you regularly use your cart and not leave it idle for a long time. Overfilling the engine oil can also cause the golf cart to blow white smoke. When you overfill the oil, the engine burns it instead of gas creating clouds of white smoke.

Golf cart blowing out blue smoke

If you have blue exhaust, something is wrong with your cart. It can be a sign of a problem with your engine oil. Address this problem immediately, as it could lead to an engine fire.

  • Damaged rings in the engine can cause blue smoke, so you must check them when you notice blue smoke. If the rings are damaged, replace them immediately.
  • Blue smoke, just like white smoke, can be caused by overfilling the oil in your engine. The oil leaks into other places, such as the muffler, and causes your cart to blow out blue smoke. Bear in mind that putting too much oil in the engine can damage the rings.
  • Ensure that you thoroughly inspect your engine when you see blue smoke to guarantee that everything is working correctly. If it is not, make the repairs immediately.

Why is the starter on my gas E-Z-Go Cart turning so slowly

If you own an E-Z-Go gas golf cart, you may deal with it not starting even though it still has a spark. Here are some troubleshooting steps that you can use to find the problem.

  • Check whether the golf cart’s lights are on if you have installed them. That could drain the battery charge, making it too low to start the golf cart.
  • Ensure that the cart transmission selector is in the park position as some carts may not start if the selector is not in the park position.
  • Twist the battery connection and try to start the cart again. If it starts, the issue is corrosion, and you should clean and reattach the battery contacts. Consider buying new cables as wiping solves the problem for a short time.
  • Check the ignition wire for a break or corrosion. If there is corrosion on the wire, wipe it and start the golf cart again. If you still have the problem, you will need to replace the ignition wire.

Why won’t my gas golf cart charge the battery?

If you own a gas E-Z-Go golf cart, the battery may not get charged. Make sure that you have refueled your golf cart, and then check for the following issues.  

  • A gas golf cart battery may not charge if the voltage regulator wires are broken or corroded. Setting the connections correctly generally fixes the problem.
  • The problem could also be due to a faulty voltage regulator. To check it, remove the green wire that connects the stator and the generator. Start the engine, ground the disconnected line, and measure the voltage rating. You should get a 16 volts reading that stays at 12V. If you do not, you need to replace the voltage regulator on your golf cart.

Why does my E-Z-Go carburetor flood the engine with gas

If the carburetor on your E-Z-Go engine keeps flooding with gas, it may be due to the following issues.

  • The inlet valves and the valve seat may be dirty, and you can solve that problem by cleaning or replacing them.
  • The float level could be incorrect; check and adjust it, and it will solve the problem.
  • If the gas vent line is damaged, your carburetor may flood your engine with gas. Make sure that you check it and replace it where necessary.
  • This problem could also be due to a blocked air filter. You can choose to clean or replace it.  

Why is the exhaust on my E-Z-Go Golf Cart dirty

E-Z-Go golf carts should run without producing smoke. If your cart blows out smoke, it may be a sign that you have overfilled the oil. When you overfill the oil, it comes into the valve cover faster than it drains. That oil goes into the vent tube and back into the carburetor and blows oil into its intake. Make sure that you always fill the engine with the correct amount of oil. Remember, if oil gets into the muffler, it will blow out smoke.

Why does my E-Z-Go cart keep backfiring?

If you notice that your E-Z-Go cart keeps backfiring, it could be due to a loose muffler and improperly adjusted accelerator limit switch. It could also be due to your carburetor throttle, not closing, or a damaged carburetor valve spring.