How to Fill a Paintball Tank with an Air Compressor
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How to Fill a Paintball Tank with an Air Compressor

You can’t fully fill a paintball tank at home using an air compressor. Most air compressors max out at 200 PSI while a paintball tank needs around 1000 PSI on the minimum to be full. Having them professionally filled is a good idea. Trying to fill it at home might not even give you enough pressure for one shot.

Safety Tips to Consider When Using a Paintball Air Tank

  • It would be best if you take your air tanks for inspection every five years.
  • Ensure when filling the tank, it’s empty.
  • Don’t drop the paintball.
  • Don’t rush to fill up the tank; if you fill it up quickly, it will lose PSI when it cools off.
  • Compressed air is explosive; you should not put flammable substances at the filling station.
  • Please don’t attempt to clean items using any compressed air; it causes severe injury and damage. Instead, go for specific air cans for that purpose.
  • Please don’t leave your paintball tank in the sun or a hot car; it can explode damaging and staining everything.
  • It’s wise not to overfill your tank beyond its PSI limit.

ProTip: Paintball tanks can need up to 5000 PSI for a complete fill. You will need an air compressor that can generate this if you are to get maximum use duration once you start shooting the paintball gun.

Procedure for Filling Your Paintball Tank

You can fill a paintball tank from home if you have an air compressor; in case you don’t, take it to paintball pro shops or scuba stores. Before filling your paintball, inspect it for any damage like crack or rust and replace it.

  • Attach the air hose to the tank fitting. Set the tank on the ground and pull the compressor hose down to the tank top’s metal valve. The valve is next to the pressure gauge and made of brass. Fit air hose directly to the spout without leaving any space.
  • Activate the air compressor pump. Press a button to activate the pump. The hosepipe also has a trigger that you need to pull to allow airflow into the tank. Set the specific amount required to fill a tank depending on its size.
  • Fill the tank to its exact pressure. Make sure you observe the pressure gauge. Stop filling the tank when the needle reaches the paintball tank psi level on the pump or red labeled zone on the tank. Press the stop button to stop more air from flowing in; overfilling your tank is risky.
  • Detach air hose. Slide the hose off the brass fitting and place back to its holster.

ProTip: Very few air compressors can sustain the pressure you need to fill a paintball tunk to the brim. Most don’t even come near

How to Store Your Paintball Tank

Store your tank in a clean, dry area. It should be away from other gases, lighter fluids, or any flammable materials. Keep it also away from children and animals. In case it leaks, it can cause a fire. If storing it for a long time, like 2-3 months, you should let the air out in a safe outdoor area.  You can still keep a filled tank but in a temperature-controlled room.

Releasing Air from the Tank for Long-Term Storage

Release the air outdoors away from people while keeping your clothing, hair, and jewelry away from the tank’s hose. Connect the air hose to the tanks and inflatable items. Slide the hose pipe over the brass fitting. Fit the hose on the opposite end of the small spout you used to fill the tank and connect the other hose’s opening to the item.

Turn the wheel of the tank to the on position, in counterclockwise to open the valve. Inflate the item to a safe level. The object should feel firm to touch but not appear bulging. Shut off airflow by spinning the valve clockwise. Ensure the valve is completely closed, then detach the hose to release any air inside.

What Kind of Air Compressor Do I Need to Fill Paintball Tanks?

The best air compressor you need to fill a paintball tank is a 4500 PSI pump. It’s expensive for a paintball, but it’s perfect in filling your tanks and easy to use.

How Much PSI should a Paintball Tank Have?

The amount of PSI in a paintball tank depends on its size and the type of paintball. For example, the High -pressure Compressed Air(HPA) has the largest holding capacity of up to 5,000 psi. The C02 tanks can only hold up to 1,800 psi.

Can You Fill a Paintball at  Gas Station?

Filling your tank at a gas station may not be the best idea. Your recommended psi for the paintball is too high to refill at a gas station. Most care tires do well with a psi of 30-35, though the tanks can still supply up to 200.  This pressure capacity may not help fill up your tank, especially for a paintball that supports at least 1000 psi. It’s best to fill up at scuba, or paintball shops. 

Does Walmart Fill Up Paintball Tanks?

Walmart does fill up paintball tanks, whether HPA or CO2. They are costly, but they are more professional in handling your paintball issues.


It’s best if you understand all paintball safety measures on handling and storing it. The standards will keep you safe and prevent any occurrences of severe injury or explosion. You will also be at ease while filling the tank, whether at home or scuba station. Using air compressor to fill a paintball tank, should be an easy process following the steps above.