How to Use a Circular Saw Without a Table
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How to Use a Circular Saw Without a Table

Circular saws are essential tools to own when doing woodwork; the saws mostly cut plywood boards. Whether you are in a workshop or at home, some situations may force you to use a circular saw without a table. There is no cause for worry about that; this article gives you a guideline on using a circular saw without a table.

There are three alternatives in which you can use a circular saw without a table;

Using Circular Saw on the Ground

If you are cutting broad wood material like plywood, you will require to use foamboards. You should place the boards on the floor or flat surface as they come in different sizes and thicknesses.  You may need several numbers of boards for your work. Ensure that the panel’s thickness is more than the blade’s cutting depth; it will prevent the saw from cutting into your floor.

Using a Track Saw Beneath

This is a potential option for a circular saw to fit under the track and perform the cutting without a miter saw stand or table. To make your track, you require some items like;


  • Tape measure,
  • Combination square
  • Pencil
  • Chalk line either blue or black
  •  Regular drill
  • A drill with a countersink bit
  • Wood screws
  • Circular saw for trimming


  • Measure out, two boards. One should be 2.5 inches wide. Use the straightest board possible to ensure the cuts are straight.
  • Take another board with 11-12 inches wide and a thickness of about ¾ inches; you can consider using plywood.
  • Using a chalk line or pencil, draw a straight line of 4.5-inch mark according to the base of your circular saw and cut across the width of the board. Make sure the line is perfect.
  • Grab a smaller piece of wood and set it right along the line covering the outside area and clamp the wood’s vertical edges to ensure they are stable.
  • To prevent the smaller board from moving, make drill holes using the countersink drill all through and use screws to join it to the larger board. Using screws will hold the tow boards stronger.
  • Clampdown the lager board very hard and make a plunge cut to trim this exact size. Place the circular base saw adjacent to the smaller piece of wood and cut the rest of the larger wood.
  • To cut your piece of wood, place it beneath the track and clamp it tightly. The saw’s base should touch the smaller wood, and the blade is adjacent to the larger one. The saw should also be free to move with the power cord, not entangled.
  •  Switch on the circular saw and hold it in place while you cut along the marks made.
  • Later, cut by running the saw through the more extensive wood piece, and you will have an accurate cut. Repeat the step for the other markings made.

 Using a Guide for the Saw

  • First, you require pressure-treated plywood or some wood high in moisture.  Choose a circular saw blade designed explicitly for pressure-treated plywood. The saw comes with a unique non-stick cover that reduces friction as the blade cuts the damp wood.
  • Fit the saw with an edge guide that moves along the plywood to give an even cut.
  • Set the blade’s depth accurately to ensure it touches and goes through the wood; the blade depth can be ¼ of an inch.
  • Ensure you use the right saw blade for a proper setup and make your cut.

Security Measures to Observe while Using Circular Saw

  • Always wear safety goggles, face shields, and also ear protection for your defensive.
  • You must make sure that all your safety guards are active before beginning work.
  • Avoid putting your hand beneath the saw’s guard.
  • Maintain better footwork while operating the saw.
  • Keep the cords away from the working area if using a corded saw, though you should go for the cordless to prevent any incidents.
  • Consider using the sharp blades as non-sharp ones causes unexpected injuries and don’t make precise cuts.
  • Make sure the circular saw is functional, including all detachable parts and unwrapped electric wires.
  • Once you cut, allow the blade to stop spinning before you move to the next cut.
  • The working surface should be stable to perform the cutting task securely.

Can You Use a Circular Saw on the Ground?

You can use your circular saw on the ground but with much precaution. Ensure that you place thick boards on the ground before starting the cutting process. Again, the cutting depth should be less than the thickness of the boards to avoid hitting the garage floor with the blade.

Can You Make a Table Saw Out of a Circular Saw?

If you’ve got a corded circular saw in good condition lying somewhere in the store,  change it into a circular saw. Instead of using your wood, you can preserve it for other tasks and use the unfunctional circular saw.


From this guideline, you can see it’s possible to use a circular saw without a sawhorse. You have three options you can choose from, like the use of a guide. But remember to secure your saw correctly and always follow the safety measures.