Can You Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors
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Can You Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors?

Fabuloso is a great multi-purpose cleaner that you can use to clean practically all hard surfaces in your home, including walls and floors, due to its neutral pH. In addition, the all-purpose detergent cleaner comes in a variety of fragrances depending on the ingredients used to make it.

Fabuloso is an ideal solution for effective cleaning, and its neutral pH means that it won’t damage the surface. You can use it to easily clean:

  • Grease
  • Dust
  • Grime
  • Dirt

Can I Use Fabuloso on Wood Floors?

You can use Fabuloso on wood floors; however, the flooring must be sealed for the cleaner to work effectively. If your wood floors are sealed, Fabuloso will clean them perfectly and give them an added shine.

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Ensure that you mix Fabuloso with warm water when using it on sealed wood floors for optimal cleaning results. The common ingredients that make Fabuloso include Hydrogen Peroxide, water, Pareth-8, C9-11, Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Lactic Acid, and Fragrance. The combination of these ingredients makes Fabuloso an excellent cleaner, floor degreaser, and stain remover.

Here are some benefits of using Fabuloso when cleaning your wood floors:

  • It’s effective in killing 99.9% of the germs and bacteria on your wood floors and other hard surfaces. Additionally, you can also use it as a sanitizer or to clean hard stained fabrics.
  • It removes any stains including, dust, dirt, grease, and grime; therefore, it saves you the cost of purchasing different detergent cleaners to remove various stains on your wood floors.
  • It has different fragrances, including lemon, lavender, and spring fresh, that will leave your home smelling nice and fresh.

You can also use Fabuloso on other types of surfaces in addition to the wood floors. Using it will leave your home looking shiny, clean, and polished.

How to Clean Wood Floors With Fabuloso

Using Fabuloso to clean wood floors is pretty easy, especially if you consider the dos and don’ts of cleaning wood floors.  Here is how you can use Fabuloso to clean your wood floors:

Vacuum or Sweep the Floor

It is best to use a vacuum cleaner on your wood floor or sweep it with a soft broom before using Fabuloso. Removing grime, dirt, and other particles is essential if you want to avoid a sticky floor after mopping or if you want to prevent floor scratches.

Although Fabuloso is an effective degreaser, any leftover dust or dirt particles that come in contact with the cleaner may cause discoloration or form stains. Therefore, sweeping helps expose the stained areas for easy removal.

Mix Fabuloso With Water

Wear gloves and mix ¼ cup of Fabuloso with a gallon of warm water to get its effectiveness and antibacterial capabilities. Dampen a sponge with the solution and use it to clean the swept floor in sections.

Apply Fabuloso Cleaner Solution on the Wood Floor

Apply Fabuloso directly on the wood floor; however, ensure that the cleaner is appropriately diluted as indicated above. Next, use a sponge or a lint-free cloth to mop the wood floor or baseboards until you achieve your desired level of cleanliness.

Rinse and Dry the Floor

Rinse the cleaned area using clean water and leave it to dry to maximize a shiny and streak-free appearance. If any stains are left on your floor, you can repeat the steps above until you achieve your desired appearance.

Can You Use Fabuloso on Wooden Furniture?

Yes, you can use Fabuloso on wooden furniture; however, you’ll have to dilute it so that you can achieve the most efficient results when using it on wooden furniture. To dilute it, add 1/8 cup of Fabuloso and mix it with water in a spray bottle.

Spray the solution on your furniture to clean it effectively. However, remember that you can only use Fabuloso on sealed wooden objects; therefore, ensure that you use it only if your wooden furniture is sealed.

Wipe your wooden furniture using a lint-free cloth or a sponge. When you use Fabuloso on sealed wooden furniture or even a deck, it will clean and disinfect it without damaging the finish.

How to Use Fabuloso as a Disinfectant and Cleaner

Fabuloso is not only effective for wood floor cleaning; it’s an all-purpose cleaner; hence, you can use it in other ways too. Here are some other ways to use Fabuloso:

Cleaning Cabinets

You can dilute Fabuloso and use it to clean your wooden surfaces. All you have to do is mix water and 1/8 cup of Fabuloso in a spray bottle, shake the bottle to thoroughly mix the solution, and start using it on your cabinets to get instant results.

Wipe the cabinets using a sponge or a microfiber cloth.

Disinfecting and Cleaning Appliances

You can use the spray bottle mixture above on your home appliances, such as:

  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Stovetops
  • Countertops

Spray the surface of these appliances using the spray bottle while ensuring that you’re at least six to eight inches away from the surface. After spraying the surfaces, wipe them with a sponge or a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Garbage Can

Fabuloso is a deodorizer; therefore, you can use it to get rid of garbage smell and keep your garbage can clean.

You should add several cups of hot water in your garbage can and then pour a cup of Fabuloso inside the water and move the mixture around. If there’s any grime stuck on the can, you can use a sponge to eliminate it and keep the garbage can clean.

Cleaning Toilet

You don’t need to spend money on a separate bathroom cleaner if you already have Fabuloso. You can pour several cups of Fabuloso inside the bowl, clean it with a brush, and your toilet will be clean.

Is Fabuloso Flammable?

Fabuloso is highly flammable; therefore, you should keep it from heat and all other ignition sources. In addition, it’s best to use the cleaning agent only for the purposes indicated on its packaging.

Is Boiling Fabuloso on the Stove Hazardous to Your Health?

Some people use Fabuloso for more than just cleaning. They boil it on the stove to make their homes smell nice and clean. However, this practice isn’t a good idea because cleaning products have chemicals that aren’t supposed to be boiled.

When you boil cleaning products, the chemicals are vaporized into the air and can irritate people, especially those with breathing problems like asthma.

Additionally, taking a cleaning product out of its original container can be dangerous. If you place the cleaner in a food container, another person in the household will not know that, and they can consume it. If you ingest Fabuloso or other cleaning products, they could cause a burning sensation in your esophagus or cause an upset stomach. Therefore, avoid boiling Fabuloso and other cleaning products on the stove because doing so can be hazardous to your health.

How to Use Fabuloso as an Air Freshener

Fabuloso has different fragrances, including lemon, lavender, and spring fresh, that will leave your home smelling nice and fresh. You can use it to clean and disinfect several surfaces in your home, and it will leave them smelling fresh. However, be sure to dilute the cleaner with the recommended amount of water when cleaning.

Do not be tempted to boil it on the stove to make your house smell clean and nice because doing so can cause sneezing, wheezing, and throat and lung irritation.

Is Fabuloso Safe for Babies?

Using Fabuloso for its intended purpose, i.e., cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, is safe for babies. However, be sure to keep the cleaner away from babies because they might ingest it. Although drinking it might not kill them, it can lead to an upset stomach and gastrointestinal irritation.

If you have wood floors or a lot of wooden furniture in your home, you can use Fabuloso for your cleaning needs. It is affordable and will ensure that your surfaces are impeccably clean. It’s also a disinfectant; hence, it helps eliminate germs and bacteria from surfaces.