How Do You Remove Pollen from a Deck
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How Do You Remove Pollen from a Deck

Pollen is a very light and fine dust that travels quickly through the air. It’s made of organic matter that originates from trees, plants, flowers, and grass, which assist in the fertilization process to create more plants.

However, pollen can be a problem because it has several formulations; pollen from weeds, grass, and trees can make people with allergies miserable. Therefore, it is advisable to clean pollen from surfaces as soon as possible.

Removing pollen from your deck is not a spring activity that many proprietors look forward to doing. However, as temperatures rise, pollen counts increase as well. So, if you want to enjoy your deck and the outdoors, you will have to take a few steps to ensure that it’s clean and pollen-free.

Here is how to remove pollen from a deck.

When Should I Remove Pollen From My Deck?

When pollen floats around in the air, it eventually comes to rest on surfaces like plants, the ground, and your porch or freshly sanded & painted deck. You can’t enjoy your deck if there’s a layer of pollen on it. So during spring, when pollen is a problem, you should remove it from your deck once or twice a week or as frequently as possible, depending on how often you use the deck.

If you fail to remove pollen from your deck as often as you should, it could find its way into your house. When this happens, you will have to vacuum the entire place to ensure that it’s pollen-free.

You can get rid of pollen on the deck by taking a broom and sweeping it off of the porch, or use a garden hose to spray the deck and get rid of pollen.

Alternatively, you can use a pressure washer to remove pollen from your deck; however, be careful not to damage wood or other softer materials because of the washer’s high pressure.

What Will Dissolve Pollen?

If your deck furniture is covered in sticky and yellow pollen, you might fail to relax during spring. However, you can remove pollen from your deck and deck furniture using a commercial pollen cleaner or a homemade solution. Here is what you should know:

Water and Soap Solution Can Dissolve Pollen

Pollen is a fine powder; therefore, removing it from fabric can be more challenging than other surfaces. However, you can clean pollen from your outdoor fabric furniture using water and a mild soap solution. It would help if you used the solution to clean the furniture often to ensure that it’s pollen-free. When done with cleaning, allow the fabric to air-dry in an open or well-ventilated area.

If you’re cleaning pollen off furniture frames, the process can be better compared to fabric. However, the cleaning process will depend on the material. For example, if you’re cleaning wicker furniture, you will wipe it clean with a sponge and then use a pressurized washer to reach crevices if need be.

When cleaning iron, a solution of dish detergent and warm water will come in handy. Let the solution sit for a few minutes, and then use a cloth to wipe it off.

Use Vinegar to Dissolve Pollen

If your deck has a pollen-covered glass surface, you can use vinegar to clean it.  You can create your glass cleaning solution by mixing two cups of water and ¼ cup of vinegar. Then, use a sponge dampened with the solution to remove pollen off the surface.

Try Commercial Pollen Cleaner

You can use a commercial product when cleaning pollen off your deck. You can try the following:

Scotts Outdoor Cleaner Patio & Deck with Zero Scrub Technology

Scotts outdoor cleaner is perfect for you if you don’t have a power washer or have no time for scrubbing. The good thing is that it works on several surfaces, including wood, vinyl, and brick.

30 Seconds Cleaners 6430S 3PA 64 oz Hose End Sprayer Outdoor Cleaner

You can use 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner when cleaning your deck. It’s ideal for your deck because you can spray and hose off.

What Is the Best Way to Clean Pollen off a Porch?

Your porch is a serene place that lets you soak the beauty and light from the outside. It acts as a barrier between the outdoors and the rest of the house; however, if you neglect to remove pollen from it during spring, you might have to clean the entire house because pollen might find its way into the home.

When using your porch regularly during spring, you can vacuum or sweep it as needed. However, pollen is a unique type of “dirt”; therefore, you should avoid vacuuming it because it might damage your vacuum cleaner since it’s so powdery and fine.

You can clean pollen off your porch using the following steps:

  • First, take a broom and sweep the pollen off of the porch.
  • When done, use a garden hose and spray the porch to eliminate pollen.
  • If there are any pollen stains on the porch, use a long handle scrub brush and warm soapy water to eliminate the stains after sweeping the porch.
  • Give the porch a good mop and enjoy sitting on a pollen-free porch.

How to Clean Pollen off Wood Furniture

Pollen will also gravitate towards your wood furniture, making it almost impossible to sit down and enjoy a quiet moment. Here is how you can get pollen off wood furniture to ensure that you enjoy your space:

What You Need

  • A vacuum hose
  • Tape
  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Enzyme digester cleaner
  • A piece of cloth


  • Hold a vacuum hose over the wood furniture to remove as much pollen as possible.
  • Apply a piece of strong tape over the remaining pollen. You can use duct tape in this case. Remove the tape to eliminate the pollen; you can repeat this step as much as you need to ensure that you eradicate the pollen from your furniture.
  • If stubborn stains remain after completing the above steps, you can use equal parts of water and white vinegar to clean remove them. Clean the stains using the solution and then wipe the furniture dry using a clean cloth.
  • If the pollen stain is stubborn, use an enzyme digester cleaner that is safe for wood. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on your selected cleaner.

It would help if you didn’t rub the pollen when cleaning wood furniture because this might make it disperse further; hence, becoming more challenging to remove.

How to Clean Pollen off Outdoor Cushions

Cleaning pollen off outdoor cushions can be a tad tricky because it might be mixed with dust or dirt, which requires a bit more work. Here is how to do it:

What You Need

  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Scrub brush
  • Clean spray bottle
  • Garden hose with running water


  • Add warm water to the spray bottle. It should be at least ¾ full. You can use hot water if it doesn’t cause the color to run on your cushions.
  • Add a squirt or two of dishwashing liquid into the spray bottle.
  • Shake the bottle well until suds start forming.
  • If possible, remove the cushions from the chairs to allow you to clean both sides meticulously. If the cushions are attached to the frame, you’ll have to work with the surfaces that you can see.
  • Rinse debris or loose pollen off the cushions using a garden hose. This procedure prevents you from scrubbing the grime through the cover and into the cushions.
  • Spray the entire surface with the warm soapy water solution.
  • Use the scrub brush to give the cushions a good scrub. Be keen around any torn, ripped, or weakened areas.
  • Continue with the procedure until you thoroughly clean all the surfaces.
  • Rinse thoroughly using running water.
  • If necessary, do a second spray down and scrubbing. Rinse thoroughly once you remove all the grime.
  • If you removed cushions during the cleaning process, try standing them on their sides to dry. If it’s impossible, replace them on their chair if there’s enough room for them to drip through. If you could not remove the cushions from the furniture and it has a solid bottom, turn the chair on its side to allow the cushions to dry.

Mold or mildew can form if the cushions don’t dry as adequately as they should.

  • If you can, allow the chair to air dry outside to hasten the drying process. Always aim to dry the cushions as fast as possible; you can even press some of the water out.
  • If moisture remains in the cushions, they can quickly become a breeding ground for mildew and mold, which are challenging to remove from cushions.

How to Pollen Proof Your Deck

You can pollen-proof your deck if you want to enjoy it and ensure that it’s pollen-free. Here is how to do it:

Install Curtains

Outdoor curtains are appealing and come in an assortment of colors. In addition to helping you keep pollen off your deck, curtains will help keep you warmer on cooler nights or keep you dry during the rainy season.

You can also opt for heavy-duty and abrasion-resistant vinyl curtains, which you can customize for your deck. This type of curtains can offer UV light protection and shield you when the sun’s rays start streaming in.

Roll-up Shades

Outdoor roll-up shades will help keep some pollen out of the deck. The good thing about them is that you can always pull them up when you don’t need them once you install them.

Cover Outdoors Furniture With Plastic

You can cover your outdoor furniture with plastic during the pollen season. Covering will keep the furniture from getting pollen all over it and prevent dust from getting to it.

Install a Misting System

For outside decks, you should consider installing a misting system. Spraying a light water mist over the deck will help the system catch and control pollen and prevent it from settling on its surface.

Get a Clear Vinyl Deck Enclosure

You can always order a clear vinyl deck enclosure to keep the pollen out. But, of course, you can have yours custom-made to fit your space perfectly. The good thing is that they are retractable and easy to clean.

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Upgrade Your Deck

If you can, the best way to keep pollen off your deck is by upgrading it. You can upgrade it by enclosing it with screens and glass. In addition to keeping pollen off it, you will get more use out of the space, decorate it, and add nice furniture.

Cleaning pollen is necessary if you want to enjoy your outdoor space. Try these tips today to ensure that you enjoy your deck.