How to Clean a Breeo Fire Pit
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How to Clean a Breeo Fire Pit

Cleaning your fire pit can be a challenging task. Knowing how and how often you should clean your fire pit is essential. Remember, if the pit is not cleaned regularly, it may not work properly. The ash may damage it, resulting in the loss of your fire pit.

To ensure you get the best from your smokeless fire pit, you must learn how to clean it properly. Improper cleaning and drying can result in rust on your Breeo fire pit, which can further affect the longevity of your fire pit. 

Breeo designs their fire pits to provide smokeless fire that you can use to cook and sit around. However, without proper cleaning, the fire pit will not produce the same quality of fire for a long time. Below are Breeo fire pit cleaning tips. 

How to clean the ash out of Breeo fire pit

A large amount of ash in your Breeo fire pit will make it difficult to light the fire and may make it smoky. Cleaning the ash will ensure that your wood burns properly, producing a good clean fire. 

Unlike other fire pit brands, Breeo comes with an ash shovel that you can use to remove the ash. Follow these easy steps.  

  • Start by ensuring that the fire is out and the fire pit is cold. Hot ash can burn you if it comes into contact with your skin. 
  • Using the Breeo ash shovel, scoop the ash into a bag or container to use later for gardening. 
  • You can use a brush to sweep the last bits of ash in the fire pit onto the shovel. 

How do I clean the top of my Breeo fire pit? 

The top of your Breeo fire pit can become greasy and dirty. Grease and ash create a layer of dirt that can make the fire pit look dirty. Follow these steps to clean the top of your Breeo fire pit.

  • You will need dish soap, warm water, a scouring pad, and paper towels. Since the top of your Breeo fire pit is made with stainless steel, you can use the cleaning materials in your kitchen. 
  • Apply soap to the top of your fire pit and use the scouring pad to scrub off the dirt and grease. Make sure you remove all the residue on the top of your Breeo fire pit. 
  • Rinse it thoroughly and then wipe using paper towels. 

How to clean a rusty Breeo and prevent it from rusting again

Rust can damage your fire pit and make it unsightly. If your fire pit has rust, it is crucial to clean it off as it is likely to spread and corrode all the metal in your fire pit. If you have noticed rust patches on your fire pit, clean them to prevent their expansion. 

Rust removal products are an excellent choice for removing rust on fire pits. They are available in stores and can be used safely at home. Use protective clothing when using these products. 

  • Start by cleaning your Breeo fire pit with water, brush, or steel wool. Steel wool can remove some of the rust. 
  • Use a brush to apply the rust removal product that you purchased. You must not get any of the product on your skin as it may irritate you.
  • It will take between 15 and 30 minutes for the product to work. If unsatisfied with the result, you can apply a second coat and wait another 30 minutes. 
  • Rinse off the product and clean your fire pit normally. 

To prevent further rust, you should avoid leaving your Breeo outside when it rains. Secondly, if you clean it with water, ensure that you dry it thoroughly before storage. In addition, consider getting a lid to cover it if you plan to leave it outside. That will ensure moisture does not accumulate inside and cause rusting. 

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Finally, oil the fire pit before you store it. You can use any oil, including cooking oil. That will protect the surface from moisture and prevent rusting.If you have not cleaned the fire pit before, follow these easy steps to clean your smokeless fire pit. 

  • Make sure that the fire is out and the fire pit is cool. Never try to clean your fire pit when it is hot. In addition, hot ashes can burn you. 
  • First, clean ash out of your Breeo fire pit using the ash shovel. Take time to scoop out all ash and ensure that none is left at the bottom. 
  • Using a scouring pad and soapy water, clean the top to remove dirt and grease. 
  • Rinse with a small amount of water and dry with paper towels. 
  • If you have a portable fire pit, consider turning it on its side and using a hose to clean the inside. 
  • Next, wash the outside with soap and water, rinse then wipe with paper towels.
  • To improve the appearance of your fire pit, use stainless steel aerosol polish. Spray the top and the sides and then rub with a cloth or paper towel. That will make your fire pit look like it is new. 

How often should you clean your Breeo fire pit? 

Clean out the ash after 3 or 4 uses. That will ensure that your bottom vents are not clogged. The bottom vents allow air into the fire pit and improve the quality of your fire. Unfortunately, that means blocked vents will also make your fire smoky. 

Depending on how often you use the Breeo fire pit, you can deep clean the smokeless fire pit once every six months. However, if you use it very often, consider cleaning it once every three months. 

Finally, follow these maintenance tips to further protect your fire pit from damage and enhance its longevity. 

  • Brush side vents to clear any obstruction and allow air to circulate when you light the fire. 
  • Regularly clean your cooking surface if your Breeo fire pit comes with a sear plate. 
  • Wipe off any mud on the sides of your fire pit as the moisture can cause rusting. 
  • Ensure that you oil the fire pit before storage and cover it when leaving it outside to ensure it does not rust. 
  • Remove rust immediately you notice it. It will spread and damage the rest of the fire pit if you do not. 

A Breeo fire pit is an excellent choice for your family as it is smokeless and has a sear plate that enhances your cooking experience. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you clean it regularly to prevent rust and ensure it is safe for cooking.