How to Clean a Fire Pit
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How to Clean a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a wonderful choice for your home. You can use a fire pit for outdoor activities such as roasting marshmallows with your kids or making a nice barbeque dinner for your friends and family. 

Watching the flames in a fire pit is also a relaxing activity, especially after a hard day at work. Many fire pit options are available in the market today to suit your needs and lifestyle. 

It is essential to keep your fire pit clean, so you can easily light and use it for cooking. Below are essential tips for cleaning a fire pit. 

How do you clean the outside of a fire pit?

The outside of your Breeo, Solo, or any other fire pit is as important as the inside. That means you need to clean them both. Follow these steps to clean the outside of your fire pit. 

  • Ensure the fire is out and the fire pit is cool before you begin. 
  • Empty the ashes into a container and cover it. 
  • Remove any dust, ash, or food remains using a brush. Ensure that you brush the entire surface of the fire pit. 
  • Using warm soapy water and a stiff scrubbing pad, clean the exterior of the fire pit thoroughly.
  • Rinse using a hose, ensuring you remove all soap, and dry using an old towel. If it is sunny, you can leave it outside to dry. 

How do you need to clean a fire pit?

It is essential to consider the material used to make the fire pit before cleaning it. Manufacturers make fire pits using stone or metal. Each has different cleaning requirements, as shown below. 

Cleaning a stone fire pit

Follow these steps to clean your stone fire pit. 

  • Ensure that the fire is out and the ashes have cooled. Next, remove any pieces of wood remaining and empty the fire pit of the ashes. You can store them in a container for gardening later. 
  • Use a brush to clear the remaining ash or debris in the fire pit.
  • Next, wash the inside of the fire pit using a solution of muriatic acid and water (1:9). Ensure that you wear protective gloves and carry out the cleaning outside or in a well-ventilated room. 
  • You can use dishwashing soap and water if you do not have muriatic acid. 
  • Rinse the fire pit thoroughly to remove all traces of the cleaning solution. If you use muriatic acid, do not rinse the fire pit onto plants or the lawn. 
  • Dry well using an old towel and leave it outside to dry for a few minutes. 
  • Finally, consider applying stone sealant, so it is easier to clean the next time. Stone sealant prevents soot from sticking to your fire pit. 

Cleaning a metal fire pit

Metal fire pits are made of cast iron, stainless steel, or copper. Follow these steps to clean your metal fire pit. 

Stainless steel and copper fire pits

  • Put on protective gloves and remove all ash from the fire pit.
  • Use warm soapy water to clean the fire pit. You can use a scrubbing pad to remove food bits on the fire pit’s bottom.
  • Rinse the fire pit with clean water, preferably from your garden hose. 
  • Dry thoroughly. Remember, moisture in stainless steel fire pits will make them rust. 
  • Before storage, oil the stainless steel fire pits to protect them from rust. If you leave the fire pit outside, consider buying a lid to keep the interior dry.

Cast iron fire pits

  • Empty your cast iron fire pit, as mentioned earlier in the article. 
  • Using steel wool and warm soapy water, scrub your cast iron fire pit to remove dirt and stains. 
  • Rinse and dry thoroughly. 
  • Please do not leave your cast iron fire pit outside when it rains, as it will rust

Cleaning a gas fire pit

Gas fire pits are a perfect alternative for people who want to enjoy the outdoors but do not have a yard or firewood to burn. They are low maintenance and easy to clean too. Follow these steps to clean your gas fire pit. 

  • Ensure the fire pit is off, disconnect the propane tank, or turn off the gas line.
  • Remove rocks, leaves, and debris from the fire pit. 
  • Next, use a moist cloth to wipe the fire pit, ensuring you do not disconnect any cables. Remember to clean the fire pit burner too. 
  • Finally, use a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture. 
  • Check your gas lines regularly to ensure that there are no leaks. 

How to clean the ash out of the fire pit?

To remove the ash from a fire pit, use a sand shovel like the one children use to scoop out the ash from the fire pit. Next, use a moist cloth to remove the fine ash still on the fire pit sides and bottom. 

How often should you clean your fire pit? 

Clean the fire pit once every six months, whether you use gas or wood for fuel. If you use wood, ensure that you remove the ash from the fire pit after use and before storage. If you leave ash in the fire pit for a long time, it can damage and affect its functioning. 

How do you make a fire pit look new again?

A rusty fire pit is an eyesore; cleaning it before you use it again is important. You can use rust removal products or natural methods to remove rust. Follow these steps to use rust removal products to make your rusty fire pit look new again.

  • Begin by ensuring that you are in a well-ventilated room or outside, far from items that will be affected by the runoff. Then, put on gloves and goggles to cover yourself.
  • Start by cleaning the fire pit using a brush and water. You can also use steel wool to remove some of the rust. 
  • Next, apply your rust remover to all the rusted parts using a brush. Rust removers are toxic, so be careful during the process. 
  • The product will take 15-30 minutes to work, but if you are not satisfied, you can apply the remover a second time. 
  • Clean off the rust remover, and then wash your fire pit normally.

You can also use natural products to remove rust on your fire pit. These include vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice.


Soak a cloth in white vinegar, then use it to cover the rust patches for 15 minutes. Please do not leave the cloth on it for longer as the vinegar could further damage your fire pit. Next, use the cloth to scrub the loosened rust from your fire pit. 

Start from the edges of the rust patch and clean it towards the middle. You will need to add the vinegar if the cloth dries. Rinse it off when you have cleaned off all the rust and clean the fire pit normally. 

Baking soda

Mix water into the baking soda to create a thick paste. Next, apply the paste to the rusted areas and leave for several hours. Finally, scrub it off using steel wool, rinse and wash normally. 

Lemon Juice

You can use lemon juice and salt to clean a rusty fire pit. Mix lemon juice and salt but do not allow the salt to dissolve completely. Scoop the mixture and apply it to the rust patches on your fire pit. 

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Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes, and then use a scouring pad to scrub off the rust. The lemon and the salt will help loosen the rust, making it easier to clean off. Rinse the mixture thoroughly, as lemon juice can cause further corrosion, and then clean your fire pit normally.  

A fire pit, as mentioned above, is an excellent way to make meals outdoors and spend time with friends and family. Regularly cleaning it will ensure it is effective and serves you for a long time. Follow the above steps to keep your fire pit clean and rust-free.