How to Get a Bird Out of the Garage
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How to Get a Bird Out of the Garage

If you find a bird in your garage, chances are it got lost and doesn’t know how to leave. To help the bird escape, ensure you lure it to the exit. You can place food and water strategically at the entrance with the garage door open.

Getting a Bird Out of the House

Chasing a bird out of the garage may not be an easy task, as you may imagine.  Consider techniques that won’t harm the bird or damage your items in the garage. Below are tips you can apply before you think of calling the animal patrol;

Open windows and doors

For a bird stuck in a garage, it’s maybe afraid of the new environment. The bird is keen on leaving the room even though you may not notice. To encourage it to go, ensure you open the door and the windows.

Leave the garage

Your presence may scare the bird, so it’s best to leave for the bird to figure its way out.

Turn off the lights

Creating a dark environment in the room might be the best trick—close all windows and doors or any space that lets in light. Turn off the lights too. Leave the bird for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, gently open the garage door. The light from the door can attract the bird and make it leave.

Use bright objects

If you have a bird nesting in the garage, it may feel like the bird is there to stay. However, there is a gentle way to chase away the bird, as follows;

  • Open the garage door and close all other exits.
  • Make a trail of bright objects from the bird’s position to the door.
  • Leave the garage to avoid scaring the bird and allow it to find a way out.

Use food and water

The bird may be in search of food and water. Providing it with this food may be the solution for it to leave.

  • Leave the garage door open and close other exits.
  • Place some grains in a shallow bowl and water in a dish.  Place these bowls in front of the garage door as a way of luring the bird to leave.

Place a fake owl in the garage

Birds fear owls and view them as predators. Installing an owl decoy can thus push the bird out of the garage. Consider having a decoy that produces bird-deterring sounds and makes some movements. This trap will be more effective than a stationary owl.

  • Open the garage door and close all other exits.
  • Place the decoy in a position in the bird’s eye line.
  • The bird should fly out of the garage at the sight of the fake owl.

How to Keep Birds from Roosting in Your Garage

A bird nesting in the garage can bring many issues, and it can be difficult to chase it away. The best remedy is learning tips on how to prevent birds from entering the garage and dirtying it with droppings.

Keep entries closed

It’s best always to close the door and windows when not using them. However, you can still consider installing screens on the doors and windows when you need air circulation in the garage. The screens will keep off the birds from entering.

Again, install netting along the eaves of the garage, sills, and beams where birds can nest. Ensure you install the net securely so that birds won’t move around it. Remember still to fix any holes, crevices with the net.  

Build a simple house

Birds mostly get in the garage in search of food and water. Therefore, if you provide food for them in a simple cage, it’s a great solution. Instead of the birds getting into the garage, they will find shelter in the cage.

Use bird deterrents

You can keep birds off the garage using visuals of their natural predators. The technique is a harmless and cheap control method.  Some of these visuals include;

  • Silhouettes-  replicas ofowls, hawks, etc
  • Foxes, raccoons in plastics
  • Windsocks or shiny objects distract birds.

Reflective objects are also efficient and the best bird deterrent. Consider hanging reflective tapes, old CDs around every entry to the garage.  

Set up obstacles to prevent birds from landing

If birds get used to landing on the garage’s roof, a high chance they will once get inside. So, it’s best to keep them off through the following tricks;

  • Placing boards on the garage’s ledge or shed at an angle above 45 degrees
  • Glazes- coat the roofing with a glaze that dries to form a hard, slippery surface.
  • Have a bird wire along the garage’s roof

These obstacles will make the birds concentrate on other sites and forget the garage.  

Use garden balls

These are natural bid repellants that keep off the birds. Hang the balls around your garage from stakes or posts. Birds confuse the balls with eyes and try to avoid them.

Use avian repellant

If all the above methods fail, consider buying a liquid bird repellant. The product is effective and a harmless way to control the birds. People use the product professionally in airports, farms and can work too in your garage.

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The above tips can help you get the bird out of your garage.  These techniques are cheap to apply and cause no harm to the bird, for instance, installing a fake owl in the garage. However, to avoid the struggle of chasing the bird, practice more on keeping the birds off your garage.