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What is the Best Way to Store a Bike in a Garage

There are numerous options on how to store your bike. It can be a real challenge to find a garage bike rack that best suits you. Unfortunately, no bike rack works for all people. Choosing bike racks is dependent on the number of bikes you have, how often you access them, your garage space, and, most importantly, your budget. You may need a customized bike storage idea that will work under your unique circumstances.

Here are some storage ideas that you may fall in love with.

Vertical bike storage on a wall

Bike storage on a wall is ideal for a garage with enough room and can be used to store more than two small kids’ bikes. This method allows you to store more bikes while using a little wall space. It would be best if you, however, had enough floor-to-ceiling space for your bikes’ length because they are hung vertically.

You also need to have ample space for the bikes on the wall to stick out as they should while still leaving room for movement while you are in that room and won’t block the garage door opener. This wall rack cannot fit into a garage that is already carrying its total car capacity. It is also not ideal for indoor storage as you could easily bump into the bikes on the wall. However, the bike racks are suitable for balance bikes and kids’ pedal bikes of any size.


  • They enable the storage of multiple bikes in a small wall space
  • They can fit any wheel size
  • They are available in numerous options because they are common.


  • They are not child-friendly because kids can’t hang or remove their bikes from the rack by themselves.
  • They can be an eyesore as they stick off the wall.

Vertical wall storage rack ideas


steadyrack wall mount bike

Steadyrack holds only one bike of 20-inch wheels and larger. It has a unique pivot design that makes it easy to keep your garage organized and helps access your bike faster. This pivot feature is ideal for holding multiple bikes.

The pivoting tray lets you hang your bikes close together and grants easy access to whichever bike you want. It gives you the option of loading your bikes in different angles where there is open space in your garage.

Its most significant advantage is that it does not come into contact with the rims of your bike and is child-friendly, as kids whose bikes have 24-inch wheels can access them by themselves.

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Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Organisation System

This rack is customizable and fits bikes of 12-inch wheels and above. This rack can be used as general-purpose storage as well. You may hang your hoses, shovels, or ladders on it. Its added advantage is that it is fully customizable to hold anything you want. It comes in lengths of 48 inches and 84 inches.

Upon installation in your garage, there is a wide range of bike hook styles that can be used interchangeably. They can easily be installed and removed for quick changes to your chosen design.

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Omni bike rack

Omni bike racks can hold up to 5 bikes of 12-inch wheels and above.

Its most significant advantage is its simplicity in installation and usage. It has hooks that you can move to increase or decrease the space between bikes and hang other tools. It is similar to FastTrack except that it’s not customizable.

For bikes alone, Omni is a great choice. But if you need additional storage for other tools, the customizable Rubbermaid FastTrack is better.

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Delta Cycle Leonardo Single bike hook

Delta holds one bike of 12-inch wheel size. Hooks are simple to use, and they can be used wherever there is space on the garage wall. The Delta hook is laced with red rubber that prevents damage to your bike’s wheel and spokes. The hook can be bought alongside a wheel tray that prevents dirtying the garage wall with tire marks.

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Ceiling bike storage

Ceiling bike storages are best for tight spaces because the bikes do not take up any space on your garage floor or wall. They store bikes out of the way if your garage has no space. Most of them can only be used for one bike, but the Saris System can hold up to six bikes.


  • They are easy to access and lift and lower
  • Some models can fit all wheel sizes
  • Do not require floor or wall space


  • They are not child friendly because kids can’t access their bikes without help
  • Installation on the ceiling is difficult
  • You can only hoist large adult and kids bikes
  • You can easily forget your bike

Ceiling Bike storage ideas

Saris Cycle glide ceiling bike rack

Saris cycle holds up to 4 bikes of 12 inch and above wheel size but can hold up to six with an add-on kit and costs around $245. It is easy to use and has a great design. It has sliding hooks and rails that make the Saris accommodate all bike sizes. You can slide the hooks to match the wheel size of the bike you want to store. This makes it the best rack choice for flexibility. The Saris makes it possible to access your bikes even when you have parked your car below the rack.

Delta El Greco Ceiling Hoist

Delta El Greco holds only one bike of 12 inches and above and costs $40. It is ideal if your garage is short of space and also if you have a few bikes. The bike pulley should be adjusted to fit the specific wheelbase of your bike before storage.

Bike racks for your garage floor

Garage floor bike racks are ideal for large garages, organizing, and easy access. They are used for bikes that are often used hence needing easy access.


  • They are easy for kids’ use
  • They can be used to store balance bikes
  • They give easy access for the bikes used often


  • They consume a big floor space
  • Some may not be compatible with disc brake
  • Some do not fit bikes with under 20 inches

Floor bike racks

Simple housewares 5 bike floor parking rack

Simple Housewares holds up to 5 bikes of 12 inches and above and costs $50. They are simple and inexpensive and are also child-friendly.

RAD Cycle Six bike garage stand

The RAD cycle bike stand holds up to 6 bikes of 12 inches and above but with modifications and costs $98. With this stand, you can store your bikes in two directions, three on each side facing each other. You can modify it to use only one side if you are short on space. It also comes with hooks for storing your helmets.

Delta cycle shop rack

Delta cycle rack can only hold one bike of 20 inches and above and costs $40. This rack is strong and durable and has rubber feet that stand steady as you get your bike in or out. Its rack’s arms are also adjustable in width, making it easy to narrow the width for kids’ bikes or increase it for bikes with larger tires.

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Topeak lineup stand

Topeak stand can only hold one bike of 20 inches and above and costs $63. It has a spring cradle that decreases contact with the rear wheel.

However, it can only accommodate 2.5″ wide wheels. It is also not as stable as other floor bike stands. It is advisable to use it in areas with low traffic, so it doesn’t get bumped.

Racor PBS-2R floor stand

The Racor floor stand holds up to two bikes of 20 inches and above and costs $42. It is a sturdy option for two bikes storage on your garage floor. With this stand, you can store your bikes facing one direction or each other.

However, the stand may slide as you try to load your bikes. You can add a rubber grip on the stand’s bottom to prevent it from sliding.

Horizontal bike storage

Horizontal bike storage is ideal for garages tight on space and for displaying bikes as art pieces. Horizontal storage flatly secures your bike against the wall. It takes up a significant amount of wall space but a little space in the room.

They come in two styles; a freestanding horizontal wall stands leaning on the wall and a wall mounting installed onto the wall. It’s often used for indoor bike storage.


  • They can fit in most rooms
  • They are easier to lift than vertical storage racks
  • They come in two different styles
  • Some can fit small size balance bikes
  • They are ideal for bike display


  • They take up a big wall space
  • They cannot be used to store many bikes
  • Most can only fit larger size kids bikes
  • They don’t easily accommodate bikes with large handlebars
  • They are not child friendly

Horizontal bike storage

Feedback Sports Velo 2D wall rack

Feedback Sports wall rack can only hold one bike of 20 inches and above and costs $63. It takes up small wall space, and its moving arms make it customizable to fit your bike frame if it has a sloping top tube. It is, however, not ideal for bikes with wide handlebars as the bike is placed so close to the wall.

Delta Cycle Michelangelo freestanding bike rack

The Delta Cycle bike rack can only hold two bikes of 20 inches and above and costs between $80 and $110. It easily stores two bikes without damaging the walls, and it is movable. Its frame cradles are adjustable to accommodate every bike frame design. It is ideal for storing your bike indoors.

How to prepare a bike for storage

  • Remove any electronics and water bottles from the bike.
  • Wash the bike thoroughly to remove all dirt, grime and mud from its frame. Use soap and warm water and a soft brush
  • Fully tune-up your bike. It ensures the bike will be ready to ride even after storage.
  • Air your tires up to the recommended storage pressure to avoid flat spots or bulges from forming on the tires because of staying under-inflated.
  • Lubricate the cables and chains to add an extra protection layer from corrosion.

Is it ok to store bikes in the garage

The garage is an ideal place to store your bike. Begin by cleaning out the area you want to store your bike. Choose an area where they are out of the way yet easily accessible. However, if the temperatures in your garage are frequently shifting from cold to warm, condensation may develop along the frame, causing rust issues.

Best ways to hang bikes from the garage ceiling

Sliding storage rack

In comparison with non-sliding systems, the sliding storage rack takes up less space. However, if your bike is heavy, you may require help to lift it. This rack offers more flexibility with its sliding hooks and rails. This makes it easy to hook bikes on the rack.

Vertical storage hook

The vertical storage hook is easy to fit and use and offers compact storage. However, its drawback is that it needs ample ceiling height. Ensure your hook locks properly to avoid the bike from being knocked off.

Vertical pulley system

The vertical pulley system is easy to use. It lifts heavy bikes effortlessly but takes up more space compared to the sliding system. Pulleys lighten the load of lifting heavy bikes. Ensure you use rubber-coated hooks to provide maximum protection for your bikes.

Horizontal pulley system

A horizontal system secures the bike flat to the ceiling, making it ideal for roofs with low height, although it leaves a bigger ceiling footprint when compared to vertical` systems.

Is it ok to hang a bike from one wheel?

Hanging a bike by one wheel means putting all its weight on one point. But this does not necessarily damage the bike. Use a hook to hang the bike because it holds it up without breaking, bending or damaging it.

Is it ok to hang a bike with hydraulic brakes?

If you store your bike with the front wheel or at ground level,  this is ok. These positions cause any air bubbles in the bike system to flow into the fluid reservoir. Hanging the bike with hydraulic brakes upside down or by the rear wheel is not recommended.

Is it bad to store your bike upside down

When the bike is upside down, the disc brake will not work because it is designed not to work when the bike is upside down. To avoid any accidents, ensure you first operate your brake lever to check if it’s working correctly before you ride. You may store your bike upside down temporarily, but it is not advisable to do so.

What gear should you store your bike in

It would be best to set your bike to the highest gear for storage. This ensures the spring in the derailleur is not under a lot of pressure. It also ensures the cable is set under the last tension. If you do this, the cable stretches less, and the gears stay longer in adjustment.

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Should I deflate my bike tires for long-term storage?

It is advisable to deflate the tires if you intend to store your bike for long periods to take the weight from the tires. With time, the tires will deflate anyway.


With all the available bike storage solutions, you need to take your time before choosing the best bike rack.

Alternatively, there are DIY bike racks you can try to make. Whatever storage solution you choose, let it be the best for your bikes and garage space.