How to Keep Flies Out of the Garage
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How to Keep Flies Out of the Garage

Flies can be a huge nuisance in your life, especially when they start swarming. If you have noticed an increase in the number of flies in your garage, you need to find a way to get rid of them. Bear in mind that flies are attracted to the smell of food, overripe fruits, and dead things. When there are very many flies in your home, it means that they laid eggs somewhere near your garage or inside your home.

Signs of infestation

Check out these signs that you have a fly infestation in your garage.


If you notice small dark clusters on your windows or other areas with a lot of light, you may have an infestation. The flies will swarm when you approach those areas.

Regular sightings

If you keep seeing flies around your garage, then you have an infestation. These will seem few, but flies reproduce quickly, and therefore, you should not ignore the few you see.


Maggots are a sign that flies have laid eggs in your home, and they have hatched. Therefore, it is essential to remove the maggots and develop a plan to get rid of flies in your home.

How to Keep Flies Out of the Garage

It is essential to keep flies out of your garage, as they carry germs that could make you and the members of your family sick. In addition, they can be a nuisance when you are working in your garage and make it challenging to concentrate. Here are some tricks to get rid of flies in the garage.

Keep your garage clean.

One of the things that attract flies is the smell of rotting food and fruits. Make sure that every time you eat in the garage, you do not leave leftovers on the tables and floors. The scraps will attract flies from outside, and they will be difficult to remove. If you notice an increase in flies in your garage, look for the source of the flies. It could be outside near your garage or inside. Check corners and even your ceiling. A dead mouse can easily cause an infestation in your home, for instance. Cleaning and removing dirty things from the area will protect you from a fly infestation.  

Use electric fly traps.

Electric fly traps are used to trap mosquitoes and moths in most homes. However, you can also use them for keeping flies out of the garage. If you are wondering where to buy one, you can get a high-quality one from your local hardware store or online. Talk to the sales assistant at the store to find the best one to keep flies out of your garage. Bear in mind that there are both indoor and outdoor electric fly traps available. The best thing about these traps is that you can plug them in and leave them in your garage to trap flies. If you get rid of the few flies in the area this way, you can prevent an infestation and predators like spiders.

Use a pesticide

If cleaning and electric fly traps are not helpful, you can use pesticides. Using pyrethrum-based pesticides is an excellent way to get rid of any adult flies in your garage. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when spraying your garage. Use protective gear to ensure that you do not breathe in any of the pesticides. If you have children and pets, ensure that they do not have access to the garage for several days. Finally, make sure that the pesticide you use is safe for your family and, if you are spraying outside, safe for plants and the soil. The good thing about using this method is that you only need to spray once or twice a year.

Buy new trash cans

As mentioned above, rotting foods attract flies into your home. If your trash cans are damaged and do not close properly, they can attract flies into your garage. Make sure that you replace worn-out trash cans. It is also essential to ensure that you take out the garbage regularly, as the longer it remains in your house, the higher the chances it will rot and attract flies into your garage. Clean your trash cans at least once a month with soap, water, and disinfectant. Finally, make sure that you do not leave garbage cans open.

Plug all leaks

Flies lay their eggs in moist places, and if your roof leaks, it provides an excellent environment for flies to lay their eggs. Bear in mind that leaks will cause wooden roof supports to rot, which is unsafe for you and your family. The rotting wood provides a good place for flies to lay their eggs.  Inspect your roof regularly and repair any leaks you find. If flies lay eggs in your garage, you will have a challenging infestation in your home.

Keep your compost heap away from your house.

If you enjoy gardening and use compost, ensure that your compost heap is far from your house. When it is too close, flies will quickly get into your garage. If that is not possible, you will need to use traps to stop flies coming in through the door or windows.

Scoop up poop

If you have pets in your home, make sure that you scoop up their poop immediately. If you leave it in the yard or garage, it will attract many flies into your home. Instead, you can choose to flush, bury or seal it in plastic bags and put it in the trash.

Fly-offensive plants

Several plants repel flies and will ensure that they stay away from your garage. You can place one or two inside or plant them around your home. They include lavender, mint, basil, elderberry, and false indigo. Local gardening stores are likely to have at least one or two of these.

Lemon and Cloves

Lemons attract flies and, combined with cloves, can make an excellent way to remove flies from your home. To catch flies with lemons and cloves, cut a lemon in half and stick whole cloves onto it. Then, place them on a table in the garage, and it will help get rid of flies.

Dish soap and vinegar

If you are looking for a natural way to keep flies out of your home, consider using dish soap and apple cider vinegar. You can place it outside your garage, and it will trap any flies. Put an inch of apple cider vinegar in a glass and add a few drops of dish soap. Cover the glass with a piece of cloth and secure it with a rubber band or adhesive tape. Make holes in the fabric and place the glass outside your garage. You can hang it or place it on a stool. The vinegar will attract the flies, and they will get into the glass, and the soap will make them sink instead of flying out.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keeping Flies Out Of Your Garage

What causes flies in the garage?

Flies enter your garage because of the odors and air currents. For example, if you have your garbage cans in the garage, the smells coming from the house will attract them. You will find your walls covered in houseflies if you are not careful. Apart from trash, flies are also attracted to ripe fruits. Remember that there are many types of flies, and different things in your home attract them. If you often leave your garage door open, flies are likely to get into your house.  

How do I get rid of flies in the garage fast?

Flies are a nuisance that you need to get rid of as quickly as possible. There are several ways to get rid of flies quickly. One of these is spraying your garage with pesticides. These will kill all flies in the room and ensure that you can comfortably use it again. If you do not want to use pesticides, flypaper and fly traps can also quickly get rid of flies from your home. When you choose to spray, ensure that your pets and children do not have access to the room for their safety.

What scents keep flies away?

While smells attract flies into your home, they can also help repel them. You can use lemongrass, peppermint, and lavender in your home to repel flies. These oils will also give your home a wonderful and welcoming aroma. You can spray the oils in the room or use cleaners that contain these fragrances. They will ensure that your home is clean and smells lovely. You can also use basil, rue, rosemary, bay leaves, and pine scents to keep out flies.

How do I keep flies and bugs out of my garage?

You can use both chemicals and natural products for keeping bugs out of the garage.

  • For example, using electric fly traps will ensure that flies and other flying bugs do not enter your garage.
  • You can also use dish soap and vinegar solutions to catch flies before they can get into your garage.
  • While working in the garage in the evenings, do not leave the doors or windows open as beetles and other bugs will come into the room.
  • To keep out ants, ensure that you always clean up spills. Pieces of bread and sugary foods can also attract ants into your garage. Ants can be challenging to eradicate.
  • It is advisable to clear bushes and grass around your house. Flies and other bugs can thrive in these bushes and get into your home. Make sure that you also remove cans and containers that collect water in your compound, as these can create an excellent environment for mosquitoes. A clean yard will ensure that you have fewer problems with bugs in your home.
  • Make sure that you do not have leaks in your roof. A leaking roof can encourage flies to lay eggs in the wet potions of your garage. Make sure that you also clean your gutters regularly. Rotting leaves and other debris can attract flies which will end up in your house. It is also important to remember that clogged roof gutters will not last long and will fail quickly.

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How to stop Flies from flying through garage doors and windows

  • If you have flies flying into your garage through the windows and doors, you should consider keeping them closed.
  • When that is not an option, consider using electric fly traps. These will kill the flies before they can get into your house. Make sure that you place them near your doors and windows to keep out flies.
  • You can also strategically place flypaper to catch flies getting into your garage through a window.
  • Consider placing a paper bag filled with water to catch flies. Or a glass with apple cider vinegar and dishwashing soap.