Clicker Universal Garage Door Opener How-to & Troubleshooting Guide
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Clicker Universal Garage Door Opener How-to & Troubleshooting Guide

The Clicker system, manufactured by Chamberlain, makes universal remote controls and wireless keypads that you can program to most garage door openers such as Genie, Chamberlain, LiftMaster Craftsman, and many more, allowing you to operate them. Unfortunately, the Clicker system is only compatible with garage door openers manufactured after 1993, with safety sensors.

The Clicker keypad and remote controls are a suitable replacement for stock devices and very easy to use. However, often the keypad or remote control will stop working, or you need to program them to the opener, or you forgot the PIN, and you need to reset it. We will help you understand how to use the Clicker system and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

How to program a Clicker garage door remote control

You can program the Clicker remote control to your garage door opener using either the Learn buttons for newer opener models and DIP switches for older opener models. Below are the steps on how to program the Clicker remote control.

  • Ensure the garage door is closed.
  • Open the remote control’s battery cover by sliding it down. You will see the small black program button on the left side and the DIP switch on the right side.
  • Press and hold the program button for approximately 2 seconds until the LED lights turn on.
  • Locate the learn button on the motor unit, usually on the backside.
  • Press and release the button on the Clicker remote control you want to operate the garage door opener.
  • Wait until the LED on the remote control stops flashing, and then press and release the button on the remote that you’re programming to the opener. Repeat this process until you hear the opener click, the opener light flashes, or the garage door starts moving. Remember, the LED light must stop flashing before each press of the remote control button.
  • Press and release the program button on the remote control to exit programming mode.
  • To test successful programming, press the remote control button, and the garage door opener should operate.
  • If your garage door opener uses the DIP switch, you should press the DIP switch the same way you would a program button.

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How to reset the Clicker garage door keypad

Similar to the remote control, the Clicker keypad is a universal keypad that you can program to most garage door openers to operate using a personal identification number. You can program the keypad either on the keypad itself or the garage door opener. Here is how to program the keypad to your opener.

  • Remove any objects around the garage door.
  • Locate the learn button on the motor unit, either on the backside or inside the light cover, depending on your garage door opener model.
  • Reset the keypad by long-pressing the learn button until the LED light turns on and releases when it turns off. The keypad has no passcode and requires reprogramming.

How to program Clicker garage door keypad

Follow the instructions below on how to program your Clicker keypad to the garage door opener.

Press the learn button on your garage door opener once. When you release the button, the LED light will turn on.

  • With the LED light on, you will have 30 seconds to complete the next step.
  • Enter your desired four-digit pin on the keypad.
  • Press and hold down the Enter button on the keypad until the light on the garage door opener blinks, indicating the Clicker keypad can now run the garage door opener.

The garage door Clicker remote is not working.

Below are some possible solutions when your garage door opener does not respond to the Clicker remote control.

Replace the batteries

The most common reason for remote control not working is usually dead batteries. You will find yourself changing the batteries more often with regular or low-quality batteries. Open the battery cover, check the type of battery and replace it with the exact ones.

Damaged battery contacts

If you replaced the batteries and the remote control is still not working, check the battery contacts. If they are dirty or worn out, clean them with dry steel wool.

Reprogram the batteries

If the problem persists, you should reset the remote control and reprogram it to the opener again. Often, the remote control will lose its signal and won’t send commands to the opener.

Replace the remote control

If the wiring or other parts are damaged beyond repair, it is best to get a replacement Clicker. Before buying one, confirm your opener’s model to ensure the remote control you get is compatible with the specific garage door opener. After receiving the replacement, program it to the opener to make sure it works.

Clicker Garage Door Keypad Not Working

Since the Clicker keypad is usually located outside the garage door on the wall, it is prone to damage by the elements. Fixing the keypad is usually a very straightforward task. The following are some of the reasons and solutions as to why your clicker keypad is not working.

Dead batteries

The Clicker keypad is wireless, but it uses batteries to power it. If you have not changed the batteries in a while, dead batteries could power off the keypad. Open the battery compartment at the bottom and replace it with new batteries. Make sure the positive(+) terminal on the battery is in contact with the negative(+) terminal on the keypad. Keep in mind that low-quality batteries will require more frequent changes.

Stuck keys

Inspect the keypad and check for stuck keys. Make sure all the keys depress and retract correctly. If you notice some stuck keys, it is usually due to dirt and grime in between the buttons. Take a dry toothbrush to remove dust and dirt in between the keys. You can also remove dry from the inside using compressed air. Take a soft cloth and dampen it with appliance cleaner and wipe the dirt on the outside.

Radiofrequency interference

Other electrical devices that use radio signals can cause interference. You should locate the device and disconnect it from power, whether it connects to a wall outlet or batteries. It could be a remote-controlled toy, microwave, speaker, Bluetooth devices, LED lights, and others.

Damaged antenna

Check the antenna on the motor unit, make sure it is not damaged or curved, and then straighten it to ensure it can receive the signal from the remote control.

Damaged wires

Changes in temperature, the elements, and even pests can damage the wires inside the keypad. Open the back cover and look for cut, disconnected or frayed wires. Reconnect any wires using electrical tape, make sure the wires are secure or replace the damaged wires.

Error code

Make sure you are inputting the correct passcode. If you are not sure, it is best to reset the keypad and reprogram it to the opener. Inputting the incorrect passcode several times at once can damage the keypad permanently.

Defective keypad

Sometimes the damage to the keypad may be irreparable, especially from humidity or liquid spills, and may require you to discard the old keypad and replace it with a new one. However, if the problem persists, then the problem could be with the garage door opener itself.

How do you change the battery in a Clicker garage door opener?

Follow the steps below to know how to change the Clicker remote control battery.

  • Pry open the battery compartment cover with a screwdriver blade or a coin.
  • Remove the old battery and dispose of them properly.
  • Insert battery positive side up (+). Then, replace the battery with only 3V CR2032 coin cell batteries.
  • Replace the cover.

How to change the code on a Clicker garage door opener

It is crucial to change the PIN on your Clicker keypad occasionally to ensure your house is secure. Here are the steps to changing the entry code.

  • Remove any obstructions around the garage door.
  • Close the garage door.
  • Enter the current PIN code.
  • Press and hold the # button on the Clicker garage door keypad until the opener light blinks twice.
  • When the light stops blinking, enter the new four-digit PIN code and then press Enter button. The garage door opener light will blink once to indicate programming was successful.

The Clicker garage door opener is blinking.

The Clicker is usually flashing when the garage door is on lock mode and when the garage door is moving slowly past the safety sensors. If you have a three-button Clicker, one operates the garage door opener, the second button locks the garage door, and the third button runs the opener light.

Lock mode

When you press the lock button and engage the lock mode, the LED light on the Clicker will flash continuously, and you cannot operate the garage door opener using any remote control. The lock mode is beneficial when you have lost remote control and restricts access to your garage door opener. You can only open the garage door from the keypad.

To disengage lock mode, press and hold the lock button for about two seconds, and you can test it by pressing the remote control button.

Pass point

Most garage door openers have a pass point system that detects when the garage door moves slowly or fast and the garage door’s travel limit. Every time the garage door passes through the pass points, the LED light on the Clicker will flash to indicate movement.

How to set a temporary PIN for the Clicker garage door keypad?

If you rent out your house often, you might want to take advantage of a temporary passcode. You can set a temporary PIN by how many hours you want the temporary PIN to work or by how many times you can open with the temporary PIN. Read more on how to use both methods.

Program how many hours the temporary PIN should work

  • Key in the current four-digit PIN.
  • Press and hold the * button on the keypad until the opener light blinks three times.
  • Enter the new temporary PIN and make sure it is different from the previous one.
  • Press the Enter button, and the opener lights will flash four times.
  • Key in the number of hours you want the temporary PIN to operate the garage door opener. Keep in mind the limit time is 255 hours.
  • Press the * button, and the opener lights will flash once to indicate the temporary PIN is active.

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Program how many times to open the garage door with a temporary PIN

  • Enter the current four-digit PIN code.
  • Press and hold the * button until the garage door opener light blinks three times.
  • Key in your new temporary four-digit PIN, making sure it is different from the previous PIN.
  • Press the Enter button, and the garage door opener lights will flash four times.
  • Key in the number of times you want the temporary PIN set to open the garage door. It allows up to 255 open cycles.
  • Press the # button to save the entry, and the garage door opener light will blink once to indicate the temporary PIN is active.


Fixing any issues that you experience when setting up and using the Clicker remote control and the wireless keypad is much easier with the article above. Keep in mind that the remote control and keypad may program slightly differently with every other garage door opener brand, but the concept is the same.

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